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The leaf represents a delicate, beneficial, and beautiful component in nature and is the focal point of the artwork for the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. The design features an outdoor Column and an indoor canopy.

The column stands next to the building directing and greeting all that arrive. The double tapered cone represents a blending of the human form with nature. At night it becomes a beacon for the facility. The Leaf Column rises 50 feet, is 14 feet diameter at the base and top and is 8 feet diameter in the middle, and is illuminated from within.

In the rotunda, the Leaf Canopy hangs in quiet harmony. The larger than life leaves offer visitors and users a peaceful respite from the facility's busy activities. Each aluminum leaf, ranging from 3 to 4.5 feet in length, hangs from 1/16th stainless steel cable. The canopy floats in four tiered concentric rings, occupying a 40 feet diameter space, 42 feet above the floor. Each of the 76 leaves is balanced and rigged for subtle movement.

The artist, Tim Glover, has lived in Houston since 1986. His first public commission, “Cactus”, was completed in 1988 for Old Sixth Ward Park. Since then Glover has exhibited in NY, Chicago, and San Francisco. His work is in the collection of the City of Houston, McDonalds Corporation, the Napa Di Rosa Preserve, and many private collections. His designs for the Metro Light Rail stations at Preston St. and Lamar/McKinney are a part of the Houston downtown development.