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Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is available across campus. This map shows the options. Here are the visitor parking rates

  • Visitor parking spaces not in a gated location use a text to pay system. Signage is posted at these areas explaining how to use the text to pay option. These spaces are marked with orange striping to distinguish them from non-visitor spaces.
  • Visitor parking in the garages accepts credit cards and cash as payment options.
  • No matter which payment option is used, you must park at the location that you paid. You cannot move from one location on campus to another unless you pay at both locations.
  • Parking permits are not a substitute for paying to park in a visitor space.
  • Vehicles that are parked in visitor parking locations are subject to immobilization or towing if found to have UH parking violations that have not been paid.

Accessible Visitor Parking

Parking and Transportation Services has provided parking accommodations for visitors with disabilities in locations across campus. Payment is required and the fee for parking in these areas is posted at the entrance to each parking facility. Visitors with valid ADA credentials may park in any ungated ADA space on campus and utilize the Text to Pay service by texting UHADA to 25023.

Other designated accessible parking spaces on campus are for the exclusive use of vehicles displaying county-issued ISA disabled hangtags or ISA disabled license plates and having a valid University of Houston parking permit linked to their license plate. Violators are subject to ticketing and/or towing.

The ISA disabled hangtag or ISA disabled license plate must be issued in the name of the person with a disability utilizing the vehicle parked in an accessible space. ISA disabled placards, drivers license, identification card and similar information must be provided upon request by a uniformed Parking and Transportation Services Officer or University Police Officer in order to demonstrate proof of eligibility for accessible parking.

With a county-issued ISA disabled hangtag or ISA disabled license plate plus a University of Houston parking permit, a person may park in any available unrestricted space. This does not extend to reserved spaces, hourly visitor or metered pay spaces, and the lots on campus that do not allow for overnight parking between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Veterans with Disabilities Visitors

Without ADA Credentials

Individuals displaying the veteran with disabilities license plates issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles are exempt from the payment of fees in the pay by phone/text to pay visitor spaces on campus, but should not park in any of the accessible spaces within these metered areas if they do not have a county-issued International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) disabled hangtag or the ISA symbol on their license plate.

With ADA Credentials

Visitors to campus displaying the veterans with disabilities license plates issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles and also have a county-issued ISA disabled hangtag or the ISA disabled symbol on their license plate are exempt from the payment of fees in the pay by phone/text to pay visitor spaces on campus, and may park in ADA and non-ADA paid visitor spaces.

Evening/Weekend/Event Parking

During periods of high parking volumes, Parking and Transportation Services will be converting surface lots in the high volume areas from valid UH permit only parking to evening/weekend/event parking on weekdays after 4 p.m. and all day on weekends.

Each of these areas will be staffed with easily identifiable parking attendants who will pre-collect the parking fee and issue event parking tickets to each vehicle not displaying a valid UH parking permit. The cost of event parking will be $10 and payment can be made with either cash or credit card.

There will be times, such as on athletic game days and University sponsored events, where these evening/weekend/event parking areas will not be staffed by PTS for guest/event parking. Visit the Special Event Parking Page for more details on these events. On these days, guests will need to utilize one of the other campus parking options.

In the event that no attendants are in place, evening/weekend/event parking will only be available in visitor garages and meter parking. Any vehicle parked on UH campus without the proper and valid UH parking permit or having paid for guest/event parking, will be subject to citation or tow.