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Psychology (B.S.)


Enhance your career opportunities while gaining an academic grounding.

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Psychology (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology prepares students for work combining psychology and computer technology in addition to positions in medicine and industry. Psychology is the study of human beings, their cognitive and emotional growth, and how they interact with their environment. Psychology is mindful of the influences of genetics, biology, society and culture on human behavior. Psychology explores the lifespan from birth to death. Its applied research leads to recommendations to enhance adaptive behaviors. Its research also recommends ways to prevent and intervene with abnormal or maladaptive behaviors.

The hybrid option is designed for students who want to complete the first half of the degree on-campus and the second half online. Students can take freshman and sophomore level courses on-campus and then complete upper-division courses online. Another option is for students to complete their Texas Core Curriculum courses prior to enrolling at UH. Only the upper division classes required to complete the Psychology (B.S.) undergraduate degree are available online.

Total Hours 120
Upper Division Courses Needed 36 minimum
GPA Requirements 2.0 minimum
Total Hours at UH 30 minimum
Degree Awarded Bachelor of Science in Psychology