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Yahoo Email

Email Throttling and Email Blocking

If email service providers think a message is spam they may either slow down the delivery of the message (throttle) or just delete it outright and never deliver it (block). Most email providers are good at telling the difference between a mass mailing from a trusted source such as a university and a malicious spam attack. However, Yahoo can’t tell the difference and is throttling and blocking messages sent from the University of Houston and other institutions. University Information Technology has reached out to Yahoo and followed their published procedures for streamlining mail delivery but Yahoo has been unresponsive. Therefore, we are taking the unusual step of recommending that any member of our UH community using Yahoo email switch to another provider.

What is Being Done

Postcards have been sent to all UH community members that have a Yahoo email address as their alias destination directing them to this webpage and recommending they move to another email provider.

University Information Technology is working with UH offices that send large volumes of email to adhere to best practices for mass mailings. New controls are in place to more quickly identify UH accounts that have been hacked to stop SPAM from being sent out of UH to maintain our trusted sender status.

Faculty and Staff resources for bulk email - internal audiences

UIT's E-Communications (ECOMM) team provides options for bulk email distribution services to employees who need to contact currently affiliated faculty staff and student audiences. For more information about these services, contact

Email submissions to All Faculty, All Staff and/or All Student audiences can be requested via the email request form (CougarNet login)

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