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Nacer BadiNacer Badi

Research Associate Professor
Super Conduct & Adv Materials Department

Office: 729
Contact: nbadi@uh.edu - (713) 743-3621

Education: Ph.D., Physics


Advanced Electrodes for Renewable Energy Technologies

Nanotubes, nanowires and nanopillars which are under consideration as electrodes for advanced energy generation, storage, and conversion devices.

Artificial Polymer Nanodielectrics

Development of polymer nanodielectric materials for flexible electronics and energy storage solutions. These are artificial metal embedded polymer nanomaterials with high volumetric efficiency and suitable for high energy density high capacitance rating.

Advanced Thin Film Dielectrics for Energy Storage Capacitors

Development of a dual use thin film capacitor technology that can sustain operation at extreme temperatures cycling.

Field Emissive Cold Cathode Technology

Development of field emissive electron sources based on thin film and nanotubes materials. It is expected that these electron sources will lead to advanced communication systems, high temperature sensors,and a significant improvement in the performance of electric ion space-thrusters.

Nitride Materials and Heterostructures

Development of BN-CN-TiN thin films -based structures for applications in microelectronics (MIS, LEDs, and detectors), micro-power devices (high frequency switching power supplies), and passive hard coatings for tribological applications.

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