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Inside NSM: Observatory
The observatory sits atop SR1 and is operated by the Astronomy Society at UH.

Two Physics Graduate Students Win Third Prize at TcSUH Student Research Symposium
Winners selected for originality and quality of research, quality of presentation, and skillful use of visual aids.

Silver Nanoparticles Spark Key Advance in Thermoelectricity for Power Generation
Low melting point for nanoparticles plus high melting point of bulk silver allows thermoelectric modules to work across range of operating temperatures.

Using Superconductors to Move People, Cargo and Energy Through One Combined System
New concept would offer economic, environmental benefits for next-generation transit, energy transmission and storage.

Zhifeng Ren Elected 2023 MRS Fellow, Honored with Materials Science Leader Award
Recognized for research in superconductivity, waste heat conversion to electricity and solar energy conversion.

UH Scientist Eric Bittner Elected as AAAS Fellow
Bittner recognized for research in theoretical molecular quantum dynamics.

Weglein Presents Keynote at 2022 SEG Qingdao International Conference on Seismic Imaging
Presentation covered role of primaries and multiples in seismic imaging and inversion.

Physics World Cites UH Research Among Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2022
High carrier mobility in cubic boron arsenide advances semiconductor materials research.

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