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Selective Course Information

Disclaimer: This page does not include an official list of undergraduate courses offered within the Department of Mathematics. It is only a resource for selective information available for some courses. Be advised that some information may be very out of date or effective for a specific semester/year, and not apply to current student. Students should not use this site as a means to guide themselves throughout their academic career without seeing an Academic Advisor first. Students should refer to the Undergraduate Catalog with regards to all course descriptions and prerequisite information for all courses listed on this page. Please be sure to select your specific Undergraduate Catalog year when viewing course information and be sure to ask your Academic Advisor about any questions or concerns you may have regarding course requirements. If a syllabus for a specific class is not listed on this page, please contact the instructor of record for it.

  • Reference Syllabi for Selected Courses: The following are selective course guidelines or information. Students should contact instructors for the updated information on current course syllabi, textbooks, and course content.
  • NEW! Canvas/CCS: For more information about Canvas and CCS, please visit this link. Use the  *Canvas Course Finder link * to see if your course requires a text offered through CCS. Once logged in, you will be able to access your textbook. Click this  link to see a screenshot  of the Menu options and where the textbook link is located. Look below to see if the textbook to your course is offered through CCS. Be advised that not all sections for a course may be offered through CCS; additionally, some courses/sections that aren't designated as having a text via CCS (below) may actually have one. Use the Canvas Course Finder (posted above) to be sure that your section requires text access through CCS.

Course Syllabi

Course Objectives

  MATH 1100  Digital Textbook available through CCS
  MATH 1300   MATH 1300Digital Textbook available through CCS
  MATH 1314 (formerly MATH 1310)  Digital Textbook available through CCS
  MATH 1324 (formerly MATH 1313)  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 1325 (formerly MATH 1314)  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 1332 (formerly MATH 1311)   
  MATH 1342 (formerly MATH 2311)  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 1351 (formerly MATH 1312)
  MATH 2131
  MATH 2303   MATH 2303 (SP17) 
  MATH 2312 (formerly MATH 1330)  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 2305 (formerly MATH 3336)
  MATH 2318 (formerly MATH 2331)    
  MATH 2413 (formerly MATH 1431)  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 2414 (formerly MATH 1432)  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 2415 (formerly MATH 2433)  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 2450 / Math 2451 (formerly MATH 1450 / MATH 1451)
  MATH 3321  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 3325   MATH 3325
  MATH 3330  
  MATH 3331  
  MATH 3333  
  MATH 3334  MATH 3334
  MATH 3335  
  MATH 3338  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 3339  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 3340  
  MATH 3349 
  MATH 3363  Digital Textbook available through CCS.
  MATH 3364   MATH 3364 (SP18)
  MATH 3379
  MATH 4309
  MATH 4310
  MATH 4315   MATH 4315 (SP18)
  MATH 4320
  MATH 4322
  MATH 4323
  MATH 4331 - 4332  MATH 4331 - 4332
  MATH 4335 - 4336  
  MATH 4339 
  MATH 4350
  MATH 4351
  MATH 4355  
  MATH 4362
  MATH 4364  
  MATH 4365
  MATH 4366
  MATH 4377 - 4378   MATH 4377:18001 (SP18)
  MATH 4380
  MATH 4383
  MATH 4388
  MATH 4389