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UH Institutional Compliance Policies


To promote and support a culture at the University of Houston which builds compliance consciousness into the daily activities of the University and encourages all employees to conduct University business with honesty and integrity.

The University of Houston Institutional Compliance webpage can be accessed at this link. The following areas of interest are listed below:

Items listed: Reporting/Investigating Fradulent Acts, Conflict of Interest, Ethical Conduct of Employees, Security Sensitive Positions, Sponsored Research Activities….


  • Identifying compliance-related risks;
  • Evaluating/improving control measures to prevent non-compliance; and
  • Offering employees a confidential reporting mechanism to safely bring potential non-compliance issues to light.





Items listed: Institutional Compliance UH System Policy, Mission and Goals, Ethical Conduct Policy, Institutional Compliance Committee Membership, Roles and Responsibilities, University of Houston System Action Plan, Confidential Reporting, Risk Assessment Tools



  • Ethics (http://www.uh.edu/compliance/ethics/): University employees are expected to carry out their responsibilities in an ethical manner, complying with federal, state and other applicable laws and regulations, consistent with Board of Regents policies, and without conflicts of interest. The Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures (MAPP) Number 02.04.07 outlines the prescribed processes regarding Ethical Conduct of University Employees (PDF)