P-Exam Actuarial Camp AIG Seminar/Workshop Days - Summer 2021 - University of Houston
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P-Exam Actuarial Camp AIG Seminar/Workshop Days - Summer 2021

Days/Date: Thursday, June 3rd & June 17th, 2021

Time: 4:00PM

Hello Math Majors & P-Exam Camp Participants! AIG Actuaries will be speaking to our group of Summer P-Exam Camp participants

They will discuss the following items:

  • Advice about how to get into the industry (starting off)
  • Opportunities and/or resources for preparation about the industry
  • How to research companies for employment — How to know which company to select.
  • Examples of work that an entry-level actuary position would experience (potential case studies)
  • What does a normal work day look like? What are the challenges? What are the benefits? (potential examples of rewarding work)
  • Tips and tricks about time-management for P-Exam questions/content. How to recognize the complexity of questions and deal with them efficiently.


The Actuaries that will present during the seminars are listed below:

For more information about the camp, please visit: https://uh.edu/nsm/math/seminars-and-events/actuary/

Recorded Events:















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