New Book on Leadership in Applied Geoscience and the Energy Industry

Rotzien Interviews 30 Leaders in Oil and Gas Exploration

Jon Rotzien, adjunct professor of stratigraphy in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston, authored a 370-page book entitled “The Explorer’s Mindset: Lessons in Leadership in Applied Geoscience and the Energy Industry” published by Amazon (2023).

Jon Rotzien

The book is a collection of 30 interviews with leaders in geoscience, most of them involved in the energy industry focused on oil and gas exploration and production (from companies, academia, government agencies, investment groups, etc.). It aims to characterize the traits of successful geoscience leaders who are responsible for the substantial growth and success of the industry over the last few decades.


Rotzein’s book is intended to inspire the next generation of explorers who will make big discoveries and contributions to the world and is a follow-up to a more technical volume on the business of exploration titled "Deepwater Sedimentary Systems: Science, Discovery and Applications" (Elsevier, 2022, 806 p.).

Rotzien co-teaches international courses with fellow authors and colleagues based on both books each year and welcomes any discussion and input on the topics of exploration leadership and/or deepwater sedimentary systems. He also adds, “I hope you enjoy the book and are able to apply these traits of successful leadership in your own lives to build a better world.”

Article on the Deepwater book by Rotzien