Sheriff Lecture - University of Houston
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Sheriff Lecture

Speaker: Dr. Julia Wellner, University of Houston
Lecture: The Sedimentary Record of Antarctica’s Contribution to Sea-Level Changes
Norris Conference Center, City Centre 
816 Town & Country Blvd
Houston, TX 77024
United States
Date & Time:
November 11th, 2019 
5:30-6:30pm Posters & Social hour
6:30-7:30pm Dinner
7:30-9:00pm Presentation
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About the Speaker

 julia wellner

Dr. Julia Wellner is a marine geologist who works primarily offshore Antarctica on questions related to the sedimentary record of glacial variability, climate history, and sea-level change.  Wellner has completed over a dozen ocean-going cruises collecting geophysical data, surface samples, and drill cores, including ten seasons in Antarctica.  Most recently, she served as the Co-Chief of International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Expedition 379, Amundsen Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History.  Next season she will be back in Antarctica as part of the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration.

She and her students also work in the Gulf of Mexico, examining details of recent stratigraphic units as analogs for petroleum reservoirs and on coastal response to sea-level rise.  They use donated data as well as collect new data in shallow water using their own boat, the R/V Mishipeshu.

Julia completed a tour as an American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Distinguished Lecturer in 2016 and now serves on several AAPG committees.  She volunteers to lead coastal field trips for many local meetings, including the upcoming 2020 AAPG meeting.

She earned her Ph.D. in 2001 in Geology and Geophysics from Rice University, where she also completed a post-doctoral fellowship.  She has been at the University of Houston since 2006 where she teaches stratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, marine geology, oceanography, and field courses in facies interpretation.  She received the Outstanding Faculty Award from the UH Alumni Association in 2015 and served as a UH Energy Fellow in 2016-2017.


Poster Competition

The table below shows the list of 43 students who are competing in the following categories:

  • Adv Phd - 16 students total
  • 2nd MS/Early PhD - 17 students total
  • Undergrad/1st MS - 10 students total


Students         Poster Titles Year
36 Agudelo, Gonzalo
GPS geodetic infrastructure for subsidence and fault monitoring in Houston, Texas, USA
2nd MS/Early PhD
25 Amirzadeh, Maria
Whiteness Assumption, Bluing and Lithology 
Adv PhD
37 Andrade, Carlos
Paragenesis of Silicified Corals - Evidence from Petrography and Silicon Isotopic Analyses.
Adv PhD
15 Bishop, Lila

Forearc Sliver Motion and Subducting Slab Geometry near Sandino Forearc Basin, Nicaragua

Undergrad/1st MS
22 Bugti, Muhammad

The minibasin weld with subsalt sediments and its impact on regional downflow movement of the salt canopy, deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Adv PhD
12 Cappelli, Michael
Mapping Possible Detached Lithosphere From High Velocity Zones Under East Asia
Undergrad/1st MS
3 Charles, Weston

Regional flexure of the Caribbean intraplate area as a result of its subduction beneath the northern South America margin

Undergrad/1st MS
7 Chen, Yi-Wei 

Dynamic topography across overthickened oceanic lithosphere from a gravity constrained crustal model of the Caribbean

Adv PhD
19 Clark, Rachel 

Reconstructing past behavior of Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica through sedimentological analysis of marine cores 

Adv PhD
38 Davis, Elizabeth
Effects of contemporaneous orogenesis on sedimentation in the Late Cretaceous Western Interior Basin, northern Utah and southwestern Wyoming
2nd MS/Early PhD
39 Flores, Josh

Is a new Microplate with a Forearc Spreading Center Forming at the Southern Termination of the Mariana Arc?

Adv PhD
14 Fonseca, Michael
A Real‐time Method to Identify Brittle Zones in Carbonate‐Rich Mudrocks Using Bulk and Trace Element Geochemistry: A Study in the Eagle Ford, Haynesville, and Niobrara Formations
2nd MS/Early PhD
8 Fuston, Spencer
Raising the Resurrection Plate by Structurally Restoring Subducted Slabs Below the NW Cordillera
2nd MS/Early PhD
Gad, Mohamed
Integrated AVO analysis, seismic inversion and machine learning for de-risking new prospects in the Hutton Sandstone Formation, Onshore Australia.
2nd MS/Early PhD
Given, Paige
Strong correlation between the trace and the CLVD component of the deep earthquake moment tensors in Tonga
Undergrad/1st MS
Hasan, Md Nahidul
Structural and stratigraphic history of the deepwater Campeche and Yucatan sub-basins, Southern Gulf of Mexico
2nd MS/Early PhD
Hsieh, Yu-Huan
New strategy for multi-scale unfolding and restoration of the subducting South China Sea passive margin under the Taiwan collision
2nd MS/Early PhD
41 Ibe, Ivory
Subduction History of Yakutat Plateau Under Alaska
Undergrad/1st MS
31 Jiang, Lian
Porosity Prediction Using the Spectral Decomposition Attributes and Machine Learning
Adv PhD
26 Kouassi, Marie
Velocity Model Building to Improve Subsalt Imaging of 2D seismic data in GOM Deepwater
2nd MS/Early PhD
4 Li, Yipeng

Mesozoic tectonic of the Kurgovat-Vanch complex, NW Pamir

Adv PhD
30 Li, Linhan
Crustal Lithium Isotopic Profile Through The Bay Of Islands Ophiolite: The Implications For The Extent Of Hydrothermal Cooling Of The Lower Oceanic Crust.
2nd MS/Early PhD
10 Lin, Yi-An

Where are the proto-South China sea slabs? SE Asia plate tectonic and mantle flow insights from TERRA global mantle convection models

Adv PhD
17 Liu, Mei
Crustal architecture of Gulf of Mexico, Late Jurassic, oceanic crust and significance of the Marginal Rift System during Gulf of Mexico opening
2nd MS/Early PhD
44 Miller, Benjamin
Main tectonic phases in back-arc extension of the northern Lesser Antilles arc
Undergrad/1st MS
32 Miller, Jacob
Cenozoic opening history of the Grenada and Tobago basins of the Lesser Antilles subduction zone
2nd MS/Early PhD
18 Montes, Christian
Structure of the Santa Marta-Bucaramanga Fault Zone, Colombia
Undergrad/1st MS
21 Moore, Bryan
Structural constraints on oceanic core complex formation from quantitative structural restorations of Atlantic and Caribbean examples
Undergrad/1st MS
24 Pascali, Amanda
The Importance of XRF Core Scanning in Reconstructing the History of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Undergrad/1st MS
35 Ramon-Duenas, Carolina The San Luis Pass Flood Tidal Delta And How Storms Model The Texas Coast  Adv PhD
33 Robinson, Delaney Sediment signature of West Antarctic Ice Sheet dynamics in the Amundsen Sea
Adv PhD
11 Romito, Sean
Caribbean basement terranes: Boundaries, depth, and flexure effects on hydrocarbons
2nd MS/Early PhD
6 Russell, Trevor
Similarities in asymmetrical, oceanic spreading: Iceland, South Atlantic, NE Gulf of Mexico, and Marianas backarcbasin
Undergrad/1st MS
Shahtakhtinskiy, Aydin
Quantitative facies characterization using ground-based LiDAR and hyperspectral imaging in the Mississippian Lime outcrop near Jane, Missouri
2nd MS/Early PhD
Stearns, Andrew
Quantifying Hurricane Harvey Sediment Transport in the Houston-Galveston Region
2nd MS/Early PhD
23 Storey, Matthew
Tectonic setting, structure, and seismic stratigraphy of the Triassic-Jurassic Apalachicola Rift Basin and its overlying sag basin in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico
2nd MS/Early PhD
Tian, Yuan
Effects of tidal seismic resonance
Adv PhD
Xiong, Lin
TLS-aided Mini-UAV Photogrammetric Surveys for Coastal Erosion Monitoring: a Case Study at Freeport, TX
Adv PhD
Yan, Weiyao
New U-Pb zircon age of Trondhjemites from the bay of islands Ophiolite Complex, Western Newfoundland
Adv PhD
43 Yu, Xiao
Rapid Land Subsidence in Tianjin, China Derived from Continuous GPS Observations (2010-2019)
2nd MS/Early PhD
34 Zhang, Hualing
Integrating gravity modeling and structural analysis to understand regional basement structure framework in the Permian Basin, west Texas
2nd MS/Early PhD
13 Zhou, Xin Quantifying rapid beach hand dune erosion induced by Hurricane Harvey at Freeport, TX
Adv PhD
27 Zinecker, Marcus 
Crustal Structure of the Guinea Plateau, NW Africa, revealed by seismic analysis and 2D forward modeling of gravity data
Adv PhD