Second Annual Robert E. Sheriff Lecture - University of Houston
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Second Annual Robert E. Sheriff Lecture

Monday November 20, 2000
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: Westchase Hilton, 9999 Westheimer

Featured Speaker:
Dr. Kevin C. A. Burke

Burke photo

“Africa’s Vast Petroleum Systems”

  • Come and see posters on current thesis and dissertation research activities of UH graduate students.
  • Get a quick synopsis of presentations from the AAPG, GSA, SEG, GCAGS and AGU conventions and meet the next generation of Geoscientists from UH.
  • Learn about the Allied Geophysical Lab and the Geochemical Institute
  • Mr.Wes Johnson, president of the University of Houston Geosciences Alumni Association (UHGAA) will MC.
  • Dr. John F. Casey, Department of Geosciences Chairman will give an over-
  • view of current activities at UH. Sponsored by the University of
  • Houston Geosciences Alumni Association (UHGAA), in association with the
  • Houston Geologic Society International Explorationists Group (HGS).

The Dr. Robert E. Sheriff Lecture Series:
Dr. Robert Sheriff has had a long and distinguished career in industry and academia. He was chief geophysicist at Chevron and a senior vice president at Seiscom Delta before coming to the University of Houston in 1981. He has authored, co-authored and edited several widely used books for exploration and production geoscientists, including: “Applied Geophysics”, “Geophysical Methods”, “Reservoir Geophysics”, “Exploration Seismology”, “Problems in Exploration Seismology and their Solutions,” “Seismic Stratigraphy” and his “Encyclopedic Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics.” At UH he has played an instrumental role in helping build the reflection seismology faculty and staff in
the Geosciences Department at UH to the largest in the nation. Dr. Sheriff contributes very generously in both time and funding to student and programmatic causes within both the Department and the Allied Geophysical Lab. He has recently contributed funding for two graduate student endowed fellowships at UH and has generously endowed the Robert and Margaret Sheriff Chair in Exploration Geophysics. In recognition of Dr. Sheriff’s many contributions to the University. Finally, proper spatial positioning of the reflection point is critical in  computing accurate residual statics. CCP binning methods that preserve surface-consistency must be iterated with residual statics computation and velocity analysis to improve convergence to a stable solution.