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CITI Training - Responsible Conduct of Research

UH is committed to maintaining a research and scholarship environment that promotes attention to the highest ethical standards for all sponsored and non-sponsored research among faculty, staff and students. All members of the University community share responsibility for developing and maintaining standards to assure ethical conduct of research and detection of abuse of these standards.

In particular, awards supported by both the National Science Foundation (NSF) as well as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are required to comply with specific requirements to ensure appropriate training in the responsible conduct of research. Researchers applying for, and receiving, support from NSF and the NIH will need to be familiar with these respective regulations, as well as provide documentation of appropriate training as required under the terms of the award.

Regardless of funding, however, these core ethical values are expected to be upheld in all research conducted at the University and research team education in all applicable areas.

COSC Requirements

All faculty, staff and students engaged in research activities*, regardless of funding, are required to minimally complete the following training modules through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program.

  1. Conflict of Interest
  2. Responsible Conduct of Research
    1. Social and Behavioral Conduct of Research
  3. Information Privacy & Security
  4. **

* Students engaged in research activity commonly include: all PhD students, MS thesis students, undergraduate senior project/honors thesis, students enrolled in independent study or special problems courses (XX98), employed as RA/RA-TE or undergraduate research assistant, or receiving a stipend or salary paid from a grant.

** Additional training may be required by a funding agency or faculty/PI depending on the nature of the research (e.g. human subjects, animal subjects, etc.). Students should consult with their research supervisor for any additional requirements.

CITI Website and Account Creation

COSC Certificate Submissions

Learners are required to complete a basic set of required modules within a specialty area appropriate to the nature of the research. An 80 percent score is required to pass the quiz and fulfill this requirement.

Training expires every 3-4 years depending on the module. If you completed CITI training previously and still have an active certificate, please submit those documents.

Submit your CITI training certificates using the link below (requires authentication)

Submission Form


Certificates showing completion of the training must be submitted to the department as soon as possible. Students new to research, those who did not submit previously, and those whose training certificate has expired must submit their completion certificates no later than the official reporting day (“ORD”; 12th class day of fall or spring; 4th class day of summer) of the semester posted in the university academic calendar.


For detailed additional information, visit the UH Division of Research - Responsible Conduct of Research 

  • Contact mmpariyo@Central.UH.EDU to modify or reset your submission.
  • Contact bcsmalle@Central.UH.EDU for all other inquiries.