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Russell GeanangelRussell Geanangel

Professor Emeritus
Department of Chemistry

Office: Fleming, 139H
Contact: 713-743-4197

Education: Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1968; B.S., Ohio State University, 1963

Taking advantage of over thirty years experience conducting research in Main Group synthetic and organometallic chemistry, my focus now is on effective teaching of freshman chemistry (science majors) and inorganic chemistry (chemistry majors).

I have been seeking ways to employ technology to attract student's to class. I use digitally-enhanced lecture presentations via a classroom data projector to improve student's interest in and success in both freshman and senior chemistry courses. This supports use of high quality digital images available from publishers, the American Chemical Society, other chemistry departments and industrial web sites to improve clarity. Digital video clips of experiments bring the laboratory into the classroom in a convenient, safe and effective way. I also use digital animations of difficult concepts such as hybridization, the kinetic molecular theory and virtual reality models of structures such atomic and molecular orbitals, unit cells and digitized and simulated laboratory experiments to give state of the art presentations. In order to induce the students to interact with the lecture, I use a digital tablet to annotate on PowerPoint images enhancing the content and its delivery. The students can download skeletal lecture notes from my webCT site. I use the tablet to write in the calculations and important details.

  • University of Houston Teaching Excellence Award, 1987
  • Honored nominee for Professor of the Year Award of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, 1987
  • Geanangel, R., Baez-Franchesci, S., Hazelrigg, J., & Doan, Q. (2004). An inexpensive method for recording lectures without use of a video recorder. The Texas Journal of Distance Learning [Online serial], 1(1).