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Mission Statement

The UH College of Medicine will be accountable for improving the overall health and healthcare of the population of not only Greater Houston but also other urban and rural areas of Texas that face significant doctor shortages by:

  • Educating a diverse group of physicians who will provide compassionate, high-value (high quality at reasonable cost) care to patients, families and communities, with a focus on primary care and other needed physician specialties, such as psychiatry and general surgery.
  • Conducting interdisciplinary research to find innovative solutions to problems in health and healthcare.
  • Providing integrated, evidence-based, high-value care delivered to patients by inter-professional teams.
  • Engaging, collaborating with, and empowering patient populations and community partners to improve their health and healthcare.
Humana Integrated Health System Sciences Institute University of Houston

Our Approach

Humana and the University of Houston have launched a strategic venture to train future health care leaders with a focus on advancing population health and improving health outcomes. Our approach is thinking about patient care from a collaborative perspective

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