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10:00 am5:00 pm
John Guzman: Flesh and Bone

The Blaffer Art Museum is honored to present the first solo museum exhibition of work by artist John Guzman (b. 1984). Flesh and Bone focuses on works produced in the artist’s hometown of San Antonio and the Texas debut of paintings completed during, and immediately following, time at the NXTHVN Studio Fellowship Program in New Haven, Connecticut.

As a spectator to claustrophobic psychological and physical states growing up in San Antonio’s Southside, Guzman’s monumental paintings are a byproduct of experiences, recordings, and environmental reflections. The artist abstracts the human figure to reflect the harm endured by the body, and the unrecognizable transformation brought on by years of punishment, addiction, relapse, and self-destruction.

12:00 pm1:00 pm
First Friday Tours at The Blaffer

We invite you to dive into Christopher Myers: of all creatures that can feel and think and John Guzman: Flesh and Bone with Erika Mei Chua Holum (assistant curator) and Nohelia Vargas Bolivar (docent). The conversational tour will explore how Myers’s fabric works, stained glass, and sculptures tell stories that mine the space between archive, myth, and the origin of ideas. We will uncover the methods and motivations behind the monumental paintings and drawings of John Guzman, which draw upon the artist’s experience living in San Antonio to make abstracted works including figurative elements, mining psychological and physical states.