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Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is offered in four studio areas: Painting, Photography/Digital Media, Graphic Design and Sculpture. Two Bachelor of Arts (BA) majors are offered: Art History and Art.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (with concentrations in painting, photography/digital media, sculpture and graphic design) emphasizes the development of the student as a working artist or designer, with the critical thinking, technical skills and creativity required for professional practice. Portfolio requirements are listed in undergraduate admissions. In addition to the University-wide core curriculum, the degree requirements follow this progression: four studio fundamentals courses, various studio courses at the "related arts" level, followed by a competitive portfolio review. Students who are selected based on this portfolio review advance to the final semesters of major concentration at the junior and senior level. Bachelor of Fine Arts students are also required to take twelve semester hours of art history. Information on specific course selection is available for each studio major.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History offers students the opportunity to study art historical trends from ancient times to the present, in both Western and non-Western cultures. This degree requires 36 hours of art history, in addition to the University and College requirements. Students also study other fields in the college such as history and anthropology to complement their art history research.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art is the curriculum for students who wish to become art teachers in grades Kindergarten through 12. These students enroll in a broad range of studio courses at the fundamentals and related arts levels, complete twelve hours of art history and also must fulfill teacher education courses and requirements through the College of Education.


For further information on the undergraduate programs at the School of Art contact:

  • Undergraduate Advising Office