Arts & Technology Center - University of Houston
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The Arts & Technology Center (ATC) at the Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts has a collection of impressive resources designed to help students from academic programs across the college fulfill their artistic vision. The ATC empowers students by developing their understanding of technology and how it relates to their artistic process, promoting the independence and self-assurance needed to experiment, take artistic risks and expand their creative practice.


In addition to providing students with practical, hands-on experience with hardware and software they will encounter in their professional careers, the ATC fosters collaborative relationships in a cross-disciplinary environment. Students, staff and faculty from diverse academic programs have the opportunity to work with mentors to overcome technological barriers and learn new skills. Additionally, the ATC offers an open, collaborative environment where artists are exposed to the work and processes of others, encouraging creative ideas to flow across and beyond traditional academic boundaries.

Featured Projects