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Strategic Planning Steering Committee Monday, September 23, 2019 - Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Judy Korb


Jay Neal, Associate Vice President Academic Affairs, Chief Operating Officer, UH at Katy
Richard Phillips, Associate Vice Provost Outreach & Community Engagement, UH at Katy
Dan Maxwell, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, UH
Marisa Ramirez, Senior Director, University Communications, UH at Katy
Beth Johnson, Executive Director, Public Relations & Community Partnerships, UH at Katy

Meeting Notes

Differences between UH at Katy and UH at Sugar Land (we cannot treat the goals as if they are the same)


  • Clean slate
  • Less emphasis on public-private partnerships
  • Acreage
  • Sharing facility with sister institution
  • No foundation in Katy
  • Concentration of energy companies
  • Single location programs
  • One building
  • No library
  • External amenities
  • System property (advantages and disadvantages)
  • Engineering academy

Sugar Land

  • Limited by height (Katy can be higher, Sugar Land cannot)
  • Community decision maker
  • Inherited vs. Intention
  • Sharing facility with tenant
  • Distance from main campus



  • Facilities, buildings, programs (particularly graduate programs), fundraise

Student Resources

  • Increase/establish
    • Academic support
    • Financial aid/scholarships
    • Career readiness


  • District
  • Media
  • UHV
  • Industry
  • Community
  • UH


  • Communication plan that incorporates UHV
  • Regular facetime with UHV and UH administration partners
  • Create a UHV balance

What does growth mean?

  • Enrollment to 4,000 (understanding that we cannot be responsible for UHV’s 4,000)
  • Graduate vs. undergraduate (nursing vs. engineering)
  • Explore, Establish, Innovate (moves us toward being very intentional
  • Show that this is how UH does things in Katy
  • Develop, Initiate, Create
  • Establish, Identify

What needs to be done within the next three years>

  • Economic impact study
  • Community needs assessment
  • “If we have _______, then we need______” With this kind of proposition we can better package what needs to get us there. Students, money, equipment, buildings….
  • Develop a plan for student services
  • Academic planning for programs

Grow enrollment to 2,000 students by fiscal year 2025

  • Economic Impact study (1)
  • Community/Industry study (1)
  • Academic Plan (2)
  • Strategic Enrollment Plan (3)
  • Demographic Update (1)
  • Support GPS

Expand and foster student life experiences at Katy

  • Services/resources
    • Career readiness
    • CAPS
    • FinAid
  • First year experience
  • Survey of Student Needs
    • Service
    • Co-curricular
    • Satisfaction


  • Develop partnerships that support the on-going development of UH at Katy
    • Financial
    • Political
    • Academic
  • Build relationships, partnerships and connections with key stakeholders in the Katy community to establish UH at Katy in the Katy community
    • Friendship building
    • Partnerships
      • P16
      • Chambers/EDC
      • Media


  • Establish
  • Create approach
  • Create clear identity for UH at Katy
  • Create a systems communication approach for UH at Katy in a shared space within an academic year
  • Create regular meeting with UH and System reps
  • Map our guidelines for future communication efforts
  • Create a strategic communication plan
    • Create a framework for UH at Katy in a shared space with academic year
    • Create a timeline for assets
  • Create and convey marketing and communication for UH at Katy

Next Steps:

From our GOALS:

  • Draw up initiatives
  • With those, gather groups that would be responsible for the success of those initiatives

Do we need Key Priorities?

  • Four pillars to build on?
  • Aspirational, strategic
  • Do these reflect the differences in Katy than in Sugar Land?
  • Where did we get the data for our goal (be able to answer that question)

Defining Statement?

  • Need to settle on one


  • Steering Committee
  • Provost
  • VC/VP?
  • Action steps