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Strategic Planning Steering Committee Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Judy Korb


Jay Neal, Associate Vice President Academic Affairs, Chief Operating Officer, UH at Katy
Jagannatha (J.R.) Rao, Associate Professor, UH College of Engineering
Richard Phillips, Associate Vice Provost Outreach & Community Engagement, UH at Katy
Dan Maxwell, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, UH
Kathryn Tart, Dean, College of Nursing
The Honorable Bill Callegari, Former Texas State Representative
Marisa Ramirez, Senior Director, University Communications, UH at Katy
Joel Chavali, Student, UH College of Engineering

Meeting Notes


Based on the facts, what do we believe about the future of UH at Katy. What do we observe about the data we reviewed?

  • Right place. Right Time. Right Programs.
  • Katy’s growth matches the strengths of UH in academics, colleges, faculty
  • Interface of BS and Master’s programs
  • Capitalize on location in proximity to industries
  • Competition is already there
  • Innovative move for UH
  • Clean slate
  • Need for Katy community to rally
  • Positive economic impact
  • Growth in FTE (which expands the footprint and UH brand)
  • Growing too quickly could be a problem
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Guided pathways for students
  • Internal academic support
  • Coordination with other campuses may be challenging
  • Population supports growth opportunities
  • Internal MOU between UH and UHV is critical component of operational success
  • Programs need to be industry driven

Implications and Expectations:

From these are there broad groupings that may become key priorities (with an early attempt to rank them):

  • Growth (2 or 3)
  • Brand
  • Students (1)
  • Partnerships (2 or 3)
  • Innovation

The following ideas may serve as a current running through our plan (and not individual buckets).

  • Relevant
  • Impact
  • Growth
  • Innovative

Writing the Defining Statement:

These are drafts from the steering committee:

(Joel Chavali)
Ripe in the heart of Katy, surrounded by the industrial partners of the Energy Corridor and MedCenter West, and partnered with regional academic institutions, The University of Houston at Katy brings an innovative world class Tier One education to the convenience of Katy’s students while expanding the mission of the University to another corner of Houston.

(Bill Callegari)
UH at Katy supports and enhances the Tier One University of Houston as it expands its mission serving students and industries in Katy and the Greater Houston community.

(Dan Maxwell)
…delivery of higher education through industry-related disciplines, innovative partnerships and student success.

(Kathryn Tart)
Established as an instructional site for the University of Houston, UH at Katy offers recognized degree programs to a diverse student population, educated to impact future leaders.

(Dick Phillips)
The University of Houston at Katy collaborates with the academic community and industry partners to provide relevant academic, research and social services that enhance the Katy region’s quality of life.

(J.R. Rao)
By offering high demand and community relevant educational programs, UH at Katy will increase access to the Tier One degrees of UH, and will have a strong and measurable impact on Katy and the Greater Houston area.

(Marisa Ramirez)
The University of Houston at Katy, in support of the mission of the University of Houston and in collaboration with the Katy community, creates a new climate of innovation and support to impact students, partnerships and industry, that build on the strengths of each.