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UIT Resources Sponsorship Services

University Information Technology (UIT) provides non-UH persons, employees, departments and organizations access to UIT resources to support instructional, research and/or administrative activities.

ePerson of Interest Process

All non-UH persons who wish to use UIT resources, must go through ePerson of Interest (ePOI) process.  Through this process, the individual will receive a personal CougarNet account automatically, once the process has been completed in our PeopleSoft system.  As a non-UH person, you will need to apply for ePOI using the ePOI Application form.  The non-UH person must fall into one of the ePOI Services which ultimately establishes your relationship with the University of Houston.  It is important to note that UIT is not responsible for processing the ePOI Application form.  Please read the instructions for the ePOI procedure carefully.  Not all resources are available for all ePOI Services.

Additional Access for Personal UIT Resources Sponsorship

Once you receive your CougarNet account, your sponsor may require you to have additional UIT resources.  If you have not received all your UIT resources through the ePOI process, you may work with your sponsor to complete the Additional Personal UIT Resources Sponsorship form.  This form requires that your current sponsor identified in the ePOI process complete the sponsor information.

Department-Organization UIT Resources Sponsorship

An employee of the university, as well as departments are eligible to obtain Department or Organization UIT Resources.  To receive these resources, UH Faculty or Staff may fill out the Department-Organization UIT Resources Sponsorship form.  For this resource, there must be an owner for the account as well as a sponsor and in most cases the owner and the sponsor can be the same person.  Along with a CougarNet account, you may also request a departmental UH alias (@uh.edu) and an Exchange account or an @central.uh.edu e-mail address.  Alternative to a UH alias, you can also request a UH listserv which allows you to communicate with hundreds of e-mail account owners.  The UH alias is generally used to communicate to a hand full of e-mail addresses.  You can then publish the UH alias (@uh.edu) or the UH listserv to represent as your department's communication/collaboration e-mail address.

Student Organization UIT Resources Sponsorship

As a campus organization, your top 3 officers can apply for UIT resources using the Student Organization UIT Resources Sponsorship form and receive services such as UH Alias (@uh.edu) and web presence to represent your organization.  Your top 3 officers and details of your campus organizations must be registered with the Office of Student Involvement to qualify for UIT resources.  Also, the form must be approved by authorized staff in the Office of Student Involvement. 

Change of Sponsorship

We realize that from time to time individuals who own these resources in your department or organization may leave the University and someone else may need to attend to those resources.  Therefore, when the owner or sponsor information needs to be updated, please fill out the Change of Sponsorship form.

UIT Sponsorship Resources Forms

Use the form that best describes the use for your sponsored account.
ePOI Application Form
Additional Access for Personal UIT Resources
Department-Organization UIT Resources
Student Organization UIT Resources
Change of Sponsorship

ePerson of Interest form must be submitted to the sponsor's department's Business Office for processing.  All other forms, once completed with proper signatures, may be submitted using any of the following methods to us: