Enhancing Email Delivery - University of Houston
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digi_id_gif.gifEVERYONE needs to use their UH issued mailbox to communicate:

  • Students must use @cougarnet.uh.edu to communicate to their faculty/instructors
  • Faculty must use @central.uh.edu to communicate with their students
  • Staff must use @central.uh.edu to communicate to staff, students and faculty

University of Houston will be enhancing email delivery to ensure official University emails are sent to and received at your UH-issued mailbox.  On April 16, 2023, the UH Alias (@uh.edu) will be configured to point to your UH-issued email mailbox (@cougarnet.uh.edu for students, @central.uh.edu for employees).  This change will streamline email communications for everyone and improve email and data security. Changing your destination address in PASS or myUH will no longer be an option which means you will not receive University emails on external email platforms like Gmail or Yahoo. For faculty, this means all of your communications with your students needs to be done via your UH mailbox.

For Students…

Here are the steps to take to ensure you are receiving all official emails:

  1. Set your @uh.edu alias to send email to your Destination account @cougarnet.uh.edu
  2. Check your @cougarnet.uh.edu account at least daily (The University of Houston provides Microsoft Office free to every student.)
  3. Send all communication to instructors or other UH staff from your @cougarnet.uh.edu email account.

For Faculty…

Please note: faculty who have been at UH since before 2019 are still able to update their alias destination.

For Staff…..