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Alumni Email Aliases

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Service Description:

UH provides students, faculty and staff with an email alias that points to a destination mailbox. The email provided in the Texas Common Application is used to create the original student destination, thereafter, students can go into myUH to manage their alias destination. Students can point their alias to any active email account. Employees must point their alias to their University provided email account. Students who graduate may keep their alias as long as it remains pointed to an active email account.

Who Might Use This?


Request this service:

Graduates of the University of Houston are able to keep their email alias forever and can maintain their email destination via myUH

  1. Faculty, staff and students who wish to change their alias due to a last name change can use the following form:

More About This Service

  • Naming convention for aliases:
    • ex: Jim Cougar
    • ex: John Cougar