MS Teams Telephony Project - University of Houston
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MS Teams Telephony Project

Overall Project Status: In Progress


Currently, there are two Unified Communications (UC) solutions implemented at UH: Skype for Business (SFB) and MS Teams. The purpose of this project is to unify the UC solutions by migrating all Skype for Business (SFB) users to MS Teams. SFB is at the end of life and Microsoft will cease supporting it in 2024.

Scope of Work

The project will be executed in two phases:

  • Phase 1 – the scope includes the migration of faculty, staff, student workers and departmental accounts from SFB to MS Teams Telephony.
  • Phase 2 – the scope includes the migration of the common area phones from SFB to AudioCodes SIP.

Implementation Process

  • Colleges/Divisions can request migrations any time. If you are ready to start the migration for your unit, please contact Rita Barrantes at
  • Migrations occur on a weekly basis on Thursday evenings.

Major Milestones

  Activity/Milestone Target Date Status Deliverable/Comments
1  Project Kickoff Spring 2022 Completed Kickoff meeting with Catapult Systems, TSS, and ES
2 Phase 0 - Pilot Configuration, setup, testing and pilot migration Spring 2022 Completed Migrated 120 users to MS Teams Telephony
3 Deadline to Request Phones or Accessories Spring 2023 Completed UIT funding will expire on 2/1/2023. Please submit your orders by this date so we can order equipment and receive it on time for your college/division migration.
4 Phase 1 - Users and Departmental accounts Spring 2023 Completed Target completion based on Colleges/Divisions migration schedules. All 5,500+ users to be migrated by 6/1/2023.
5 Phase 2 - Call Center Migration Summer 2024 In Progress All current Call Centers migrated
6 Project Closing December 2024 Not Started Finalize Project Documentation


Watch a short video on Microsoft Teams Telephony Experience