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Honors in Community Health

Who are we?

Honors in Community Health (HICH) is an interdisciplinary student organization that allows undergraduates from across the university the opportunity to analyze the social determinants of health, build interpersonal communication and social-networking skills, construct holistic interventions that help mitigate health complications in the Greater Houston area, and participate in partnerships that can lead to long-lasting careers. Between all of our unique projects, we provide mental, emotional, physical, and educational resources for communities that lack representation. In addition, we welcome both non-Honors and Honors College students to join our organization. There are a number of leadership opportunities within our projects that are open to ambitious, hard-working members. While we may not be an incredibly large organization, we are one that prides itself in its accomplishments that could not be achieved without the help of our outstanding leadership. Therefore by joining HICH, you not only become a member but you also join a team and family dedicated to our mission.


Organization Requirements

$10 membership fee a semester.

Although there are no requirements to maintain membership in this organization, students areencouraged to participate and be active. Students who demonstrate a high level of commitment and participation will be rewarded with incentives (opportunities to join internships, receive recommendation letters, etc.).

You can apply to HICH by clicking here

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Recruitment and Development

The Recruitment and Development committee (R&D) of HICH provides the backbone to all HICH activities from advertising upcoming events to coordinating the general meeting presentations. R&D serves as the communication link that facilitates the flow of information between the various projects within HICH and its members. It is our job to contact guest speakers and organizations that share our goals in advocating projects geared towards advancing health in underrepresented communities. We perform necessary club administration tasks such as documenting member’s hours, attending workshops/trainings, and managing finances as well. As part of the R&D team, we welcome and recruit prospective members of all backgrounds and majors, honors college or not.

Team Members:

Randy Nguyen, Biology, Senior

Helen Nguyen, English Literature, Senior

Asha Marchant, Kinesiology, Senior

Amber Nguyen, Biochemistry, Junior

Deven Jadeja, Biochemistry, Junior

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