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Pull Quote by Dr. Price
Now, more than ever, we need healing through strong communities. We know our CHW friends and colleagues will come through stronger and leading the way to better recovery in the months that come. Please keep checking in with us as we put together teams for the next steps and stay safe and sane! 




About the UH Community Health Workers Initiative

The healthcare system has run into a wall of mistrust. Community Health Workers (CHWs) - folks from the community who help with preventive and community health - can create more trust, but have only been provided with limited support to create that trust. 

We believe a new and larger role for CHW's can provide transformative social and health outcomes for the community by building, sustaining, and deserving trust.  A new role for academic experts means that responsive engagement replaces top-down directions and that the experts can help support and celebrate the creativity in the community. An expanded role for faith-based partnerships means that better health can be tied to the mental, physical, and spiritual health of every individual and the community as a whole. A new strategy for sustaining the business model through long-term outcomes-based payments means that CHWs can work for good pay as health advocates.

Who is a part of the UH Community Health Workers Initiative?

  • CHWs

    First and foremost, Community Health Workers (CHWs) are engaged advocates for health. From the very old-fashioned insight that good relationships build good health to innovative approaches to modeling social networks and tracking members of transient communities, CHW's are guided by a vision of better communication and engagement. UH students train side by side with community members and learn through project-based instruction while earning a Texas DSHS Certification as a Licensed Community Health Worker through our Training Center.

    The project teams are the links between data science and community health. The CHWs, embedded in their own communities and supported by students, faculty, and staff at UH, are involved in all aspects of research from data collection to data analyses so that they can advocate for better health while responding to the community's real needs.

    The UH Honors College CHW Initiative is built on empowering community capacity through research. We use the data collected not to just publish but to support the communities surrounding us. This is why the UH Community Health Worker is integral to research and the implementation of constantly improving health programs.

  • UH Students

    The work that CHW's do provide UH students an opportunity to learn from underserved populations and a chance to be at the forefront of community health research and program implementation. Undergraduate students co-lead research with the CHW's. This research is done with the purpose of building capacity for the community and answering the needs of the community.  Many of the projects that the UH CHW Initiative is involved in are interdisciplinary in nature and allow students to interact with different stakeholders in the community. Students can be involved in internships or different UH CHW Initiative Projects through Honors in Community Health (HICH).


  • Administrative Team

    We have a team composed of UH faculty, staff, and interns that are consistenly in the background working on designing health programs, training CHW's, working alongside CHW's in implementing health projects, and performing data analysis and evaluation.  This team is entrenched in the process of responsive engagement to continously respond to the strengths and needs of the communities that we work with. This team is also responsible for developing the overall structures of accountability and research that move us forward toward providing CHW's, community members, and the health care system with an infrastructure of sustainability, creativity and responsive engagement. Meet our administrative team here.

Community Health Workers from our Training Center are located throughout the Greater Houston Area. 

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