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Project Description 

The Creative Care project aims to collaborate with Cuney Homes to improve mental health outcomes for children in the Third Ward through a curriculum that encourages self-expression, physical activity, and reflective writing. The Creative Care project is dedicated to providing a safe space for children to be themselves and gain the tools needed to deal with life stressors. Volunteers will develop and facilitate weekly creative wellness workshops for elementary and middle school-aged children.


Plans Moving Forward

  • This past spring semester, we were excited to continue engaging with the children of Cuney Homes and encouraging creativity and wellness through a variety of activities. Mentors led weekly sessions, incorporating arts and crafts, mindfulness exercises, and reflective writing activities each week. Activities ranged from painting, self-portraits, and writing thank-you notes to teachers!
  • We are excited to further Creative Care’s mission by continuing our program this Fall. We plan to implement new and exciting changes, including a tour of the University of Houston for the children, themed yoga and a variety of physical activity, and even incorporating some of the creative care sessions with our undergraduate students!
  • We have added a new program to our Creative Care initiative, called Imagine My Life. Through it, we have been able to host art sessions for children while their parents attended an emotional support group hosted by Cuney Homes for domestic violence victims. Creative Care members can build lasting and genuine connections with these kids and provide a safe space and judgment-free zone where they can express their emotions through creative art forms.

Imagine My Life

The Imagine My Life Support Group provides a supportive group for women that engages in community initiatives and advocacy. We also offer a supportive environment for women who have experienced abuse.

The goal of Imagine My Life is to:

  • Empower women by supporting each other in times of need and improve self-esteem
  • Promote social change for themselves as well as others
  • Collect data and privately report on progress to achieve gender equality

There will be weekly discussions, fun activities, and child care. In addition, we will provide professional development for women.

Location: Cuney Homes, 3260 Truxillo Street Houston, TX 77004 Basketball Court

Time: 3:30–5 p.m. every Thursday 



Contact Mrs. Thea McGee-Jackson for more info!
(713)-478-3233 or Email:

Member Expectations 

  • Commit 2–3 hours per week to the Creative Care project 
  • Attend all training sessions and project meetings
  • Assist with developing and facilitating weekly creative wellness workshops or with the logistics of the project (Examples include leading the children through an art activity, running the Creative Care social media, or helping with curriculum and lesson planning.)
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