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Environmental health is a critical component of community health, affecting many aspects of our lives such as housing, food security, clean water availability, and more. It is a complex subset of public health which focuses on the relationships between people and the environment, ultimately promoting healthy and safe communities by decreasing environmental risks. WEAR aims to promote healthier and safer outcomes for students and civilians of Houston through not only education-based outcomes but direct engagement with the community.


  • 1.5 hours weekly for WEAR meetings to discuss research and events
  • Community engagement opportunities on campus and in the Third and Fifth Wards
  • Attend optional field trips and volunteer opportunities


WEAR will be conducting research to better understand awareness and attitudes towards environmental health, pollution, and issues the city faces. We aim to tell the story of Houston’s historic Third and Fifth Wards using publically available data and how these regions of Houston have been historically underserved.

Civic Engagement

As a partner for the Fifth Ward Earth Clinic, WEAR aims to bring awareness to the Fifth Ward Cancer Cluster which is harming the health and safety of residents in Fifth Ward. By hosting and attending community events and educating the public on ways to stay healthy and safe despite their living conditions, we aim to mitigate the effects of the Cancer Cluster on residents. Additionally, WEAR aims to establish the Earth Clinic in Fifth Ward as a mobilizing center to receive information and resources to combat the Cancer Cluster.
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  • Briana Azad, Psychology and Spanish, Senior

  • Loyed Siby, Biotechnology, Junior

  • Carlos Mendieta, Health, Post-bacc

  • Ritesh Ravi, Biology, Sophomore

  • Elizabeth Tran, Chemistry, Senior


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