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UH Dissertation Accelerator Spring 2022 Cohort

The Graduate School is thrilled to offer Dissertation Accelerator Spring 2022 cohort in-person. This free program is open to all doctoral students who would like the opportunity to make serious progress on a dissertation. Participants will be required to attend all four days of the event. The support you will receive throughout the cohort will hopefully assist you in meeting or exceeding your writing goals. Additionally, the Dissertation Accelerator provides a highly productive uninterrupted work environment to be held in the UH Writing Center.

What should I expect at Dissertation Accelerator?

  • Space with minimal distractions
  • Writing regimen/routine
  • Peer collaboration, motivation, and support
  • Mini sessions on topics that will assist you in succeeding

*     I attended the dissertation accelerator online and it was very helpful. I defended my research successfully! https://uwm.edu/graduateschool/wp-content/uploads/sites/519/2020/11/quote-mark-end.png

What do I need for Dissertation Accelerator:

  • A firm resolution not to check email, texts, social networks, or the internet during writing periods!
  • Computers will be provided, but you are welcome to work on your own laptop.
  • Lunch will be provided, you are welcome to be bring coffee, breakfast, and/or snacks.

Registration Process:

  • Limited to 25 participants.
  • Dissertation Accelerators are filled first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Apply online before January 3rd.
  • Must be able to attend all four days from 9am-3pm

                                     APPLICATION DEADLINE  : Monday, January 3rd, 2022 
                                     Dates : January 10-13, 2022
                                                  9:00 am – 3:00 pm
                                                  UH Writing Center

To apply for the event, click here


For more information on the Dissertation Accelerator, please contact UH Graduate school