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UH Dissertation Accelerator Fall 2021 Cohort

The Graduate School is thrilled to offer a Fall 2021 Dissertation Accelerator cohort online. This free program is open to all doctoral students who would like the opportunity to make serious progress on a dissertation. Participants will be required to attend bi-weekly meetings from the comfort of your home or office space. The support you will receive throughout the cohort will hopefully assist you in meeting or exceeding your writing goals. Additionally, the Dissertation Accelerator provides a highly productive uninterrupted work environment.

What should I expect at Dissertation Accelerator?

  • Bi-weekly meetings focused on writing strategies and  effective writing
  • Guidance on writing process from faculty experts
  • A community of fellow dissertators to form writing groups
  • Schedule meeting times with fellow peers outside of Dissertation Accelerator

*     Thank you to the Graduate School for offering this program. I was able to form a writing group with other peers from Dissertation Accelerator. It took dedication and persistence, but I am happy to announce that I have now successfully defended my dissertation. I will be walking in August! https://uwm.edu/graduateschool/wp-content/uploads/sites/519/2020/11/quote-mark-end.png

What do I need for Dissertation Accelerator:

  • A comfortable private space where you can write for long periods and join discussions with other participants.
  • Your own computer for writing.
  • Internet access.
  • Microsoft Teams installed on your computer. Teams can be installed on the computer you use for writing or on a second machine (such as an iPad or cell phone) that you use alongside it.
  • A speaker and microphone on the device running Teams.
  • An optional webcam if you want to be able to share video during our discussions.
  • A firm resolution not to check email, texts, social networks, or the internet during writing periods!

                                     APPLICATION DEADLINE  : Friday, September 10th 2021 
                                     Bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays from 12-1pm:

                                        September 15th 2021
                                        September 29th 2021
                                        October 13th 2021
                                        October 27th 2021
                                        November 10th 2021
                                        November 24th 2021
                                        December 8th 2021

To apply for the event, click here


For more information on the Dissertation Accelerator, please contact UH Graduate school