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Faculty Senate Award for Excellence in Service (Lifetime Achievement)

This award is sponsored by the Faculty Senate to recognize outstanding service to the Senate.

General Description: This award is sponsored by the Faculty Senate to recognize outstanding service to the Senate.

  • This year (2024), it is a Lifetime Achievement award for members of the Faculty Senate who have served in the Faculty Senate for more than six years. 
  • Next year, it will be a “New Senator” award for those who have served in the Faculty Senate for two to six years. 
  • The awards will alternate each year.

 Specific Details about the 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award  

Intent of Award: This is a faculty-to-faculty award, designed for recognizing the significant contributions made by faculty members to the Faculty Senate's mission and expressing gratitude for their dedication and commitment to serving the Senate.

Form of Recognition: The recipient will receive $500 and a plaque.

Eligibility: Individuals qualified for this recognition may comprise active faculty senators and faculty members designated by the Faculty Senate to participate in University Standing Committees. Faculty senators or standing committee members seeking eligibility must have dedicated a minimum of six years to roles associated with the Faculty Senate, with no requirement for consecutive years of service. The six-year service requirement can be fulfilled through service as a faculty senator, a standing committee member, or a combination of both. Current members of the Executive Committee, excluding the current Faculty Senate President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, and Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee, are eligible to submit applications.

Submission Requirements and Deadline 

  1. Complete the form with information about your Faculty Senate service (download the form by clicking here: 
  2. Attach a letter of nomination (or self-nomination) 
  3. Attach additional two letters of support, one of which must come from a current Faculty Senator. Strong letters will speak to the applicant’s service to the Senate in particular.  
  4. Deadline: Friday, April 12, 2024, at 5 pm. Submit application & required supporting documents to fsenate@central.uh.edu 
  5. Recipient Announcement: The award recipient will be announced at the final Faculty Senate meeting on Wednesday, May 8, 2024 

Evaluation of Submissions: A Faculty Affairs Committee subcommittee will evaluate applications and decide on the recipient. Those on the committee choosing the award winner are not eligible to apply for the award. Criteria for evaluating submissions include, but are not limited to, the senator’s: 

  • Regular attendance at and participation in Faculty Senate meetings, committee, and subcommittee meetings, etc. 
  • Modeling of the qualities of a good senator 
  • Willingness to volunteer for additional service opportunities 
  • Embodiment of leadership qualities 
  • Demonstration of community-building, collaboration, and teamwork  
  • Regular representation of and voicing concerns of constituents at various meetings