Faculty Senate Elections - University of Houston
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Faculty Senate Elections

The Faculty Senate conducts regular elections to fill its membership rolls.

Spring 2024 Faculty Senate Officer & Faculty Governance Committee (FGC) Election Results

Senate officer terms are one year, unless noted.




Faculty Governance Committee (FGC):

Spring 2024 Faculty Senate Election Results

Senate terms are three years, unless noted.

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture & Design:

  • Dietmar Froehlich, GPSC Seat
  • Mili Kyropoulou, RSC Seat

Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts:

  • Amanda Cachia, Art, GPSC Seat
  • Kalliope Vlahos, Theatre, UC Seat
C. T. Bauer College of Business:
  • Alan Lish, Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, At-Large Seat
  • Barbara Carlin, Management, UC Seat

College of Education:

  • Margaret Hale, CUIN, At-Large Seat
  • April Peters-Hawkins, ELPS, At-Large Seat
  • Nathan Smith, PHLS, At-Large Seat
  • Theresa Fedor Amador, PHLS, UC Seat

Cullen College of Engineering:

  • Peggy Lindner, IST, At-Large Seat
  • David Shattuck, ECE, At-Large Seat
  • Dmitri Litvinov, ECE, RSC Seat
  • Fatima Merchant, ET, RSC Seat
  • Jack (Yunpeng) Zhang, IST, RSC Seat

Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership:

  • Juan Madera, GPSC Seat

The Honors College:

  • Rita Sharp, At-Large Seat
  • Daniel Price, RSC Seat

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences:

  • Melissa Markofski, HHP, At-Large Seat (2-year term)
  • Sofia Gellon, Hispanic Studies, UC Seat
  • David Womble, ENGL, UC Seat


  • Kelly Hopkins, At-Large Seat

Hispanic Studies/CLASS:

  • Christina Sisk, At-Large Seat

Modern & Classical Languages/CLASS:

  • Hildegard Glass, At-Large Seat

 CLASS – RSC Humanities:

  • Alexey Golubev, HIST, RSC Seat

 CLASS – RSC Social Sciences:

  • Alex Badas, POLSCI, RSC Seat (1-year term)
  • Leigh Leasure, PSYC, RSC Seat

 Tilman J. Fertitta Family College of Medicine:

  • Gregorio Gomez, At-Large Seat

 College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics:

  • Chin-Yo Lin, Biology & Biochemistry, GPSC Seat
  • Bernhard Bodmann, MATH, RSC Seat
  • Rebecca Forrest, PHYS, UC Seat
  • Brigitte Dauwalder, Biology & Biochemistry, At-Large Seat
  • Donna Pattison, Biology & Biochemistry, At-Large Seat
  • Rob Stewart EAS, At-Large Seat

Andy & Barbara Gessner College of Nursing:

  • Danielle Quintana, RSC Seat
  • Deborah Smith, UC Seat

College of Optometry:

  • Jason Porter, GPSC Seat
  • Lisa Ostrin, RSC Seat
  • Ruth Manny, At-Large Seat
  • Chi Nguyen, At-Large Seat

College of Pharmacy:

  • MariVi Tejada-Simon, PPS, At-Large Seat
  • Vincent Tam, PPTR, RSC Seat
  • Doug Thornton, PHOP, RSC Seat

 Research Centers & Institutes:

  • Jakoah Brgoch, TX Center for Superconductivity, RSC Seat

 UH Research Faculty:

  • Munenori Ishibashi, Research Asst. Professor, OPT, RSC Seat