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Equal Opportunity Services Location in Student Service Center 2

Please see also the UH Campus Map and the UH Central Campus Parking Availability Map for further information about parking options closest to SSC2 (UH Bldg. 526) and along Wheeler Avenue. On-campus options may also include the Cougar Line bus routes. Multiple Cougar Line routes converge along UH Entrance 1. The Green Route 1 - Campus Loop circles the main campus and runs along Wheeler Avenue.

Student Service Center 2 Area

The University of Houston is currently expanding its parking options for the central campus, and is working to bring the Houston Metro Rail to campus as well - projects which will improve accessibility for UH in the long run. We ask campus visitors to please bear with us as we work to improve our campus.

Unfortunately, Wheeler Avenue, the street running closest to the Equal Opportunity Services Office entrance, will be heavily impacted. If you are having trouble finding or getting to EOS, please contact us.