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The University of Houston College of Education is seeking applicants for four faculty positions in the areas of higher education, K-12 leadership, science education and bilingual/ESL education. As part of a Carnegie-designated Tier One research institution in the nation’s most diverse city, the College is committed to our mission to end inequities in education and health. Join us!

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Find the full job posting and the online application at the following links: 

These positions are slated to start in fall 2021.

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At the University of Houston, we not only dare to dream big dreams, but we collaborate to achieve them. With more than 47,000 students, UH is one of the most diverse public research institutions in the country. New faculty will join a University with a growing number of nationally funded research centers and an aggressive agenda to leverage science to make a transformative impact locally, nationally and across the globe. Listen to President Renu Khator’s fall 2020 address

Learn more about UH and the city of Houston in this special slideshow. And see Fast Facts about the College of Education.

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Higher Education

vcarales.jpg Vincent D. Carales
Assistant Professor, Higher Education
Research Interests: I am interested in studying the experiences and educational outcomes of first-generation, Latina/o, low-income and community college students. I am also interested in studying how these outcomes intersect with federal, state and institutional policies related to diversity, equity and college affordability.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? I love the diversity of this campus and this city. I am from this area. I get to teach and mentor many of the students who look like me and grew up in the same community I did. Because this is literally home for me, I love the fact that I get to be close to family while also shaping leaders and impacting the community I grew up in. 
tjdavis.jpg Tiffany J. Davis
Clinical Assistant Professor, Higher Education
Program Director, M.Ed. in Higher Education
Research Interests: My scholarship addresses two major strands: issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion within postsecondary contexts and socialization and professional pathways for the higher education profession. My current work focuses on experiences of faculty on the margins, advancing access to and equity within postsecondary education, and supervision and socialization practices in higher education administration.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? I was drawn to UH because of its commitment to access, diversity and community as a minority- and urban-serving institution. I enjoy the bold vision of UH’s leadership, the diversity of students with whom I get to serve and the opportunity to engage in both teaching and administration. I love the city of Houston — the culture, the ethnic diversity, the yummy eats and treats, and the easy access to the beach and other getaways such as Austin, Dallas or New Orleans!
egonzalez.jpg Elsa Gonzalez 
Assistant Professor, Higher Education
Program Director, Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies
Research Interests: My research interests include issues in higher education such as underrepresented students; Latina/o students; school-college and readiness; access, resilience, retention and graduation in STEM fields; HSI institutions; higher education leadership; and methodological issues in cross-language qualitative data analysis.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? This is my fourth year at the University of Houston, and one of the things I most enjoy is the great level of support and collegiality you see and feel in all leadership levels from the president’s office to the department level. Working in a supportive environment creates important spaces to develop a community of scholars and collaborators among colleagues and students, recognizing the strengths, experiences and expertise that everyone brings to the table.
chorn.jpg Catherine Horn
Professor, Higher Education
Chair, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Research Interests: My research is focused on understanding and improving policy that shapes the way all students, particularly those marginalized by the education and social sectors, move through the P-20 educational system.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? Living in Houston is being able to live the future today. Our experiences, our commitments, our struggles and our opportunities are what the country will experience a decade from now. The privilege and responsibility of being part of a bellwether is why I call Houston and its University home.
lmckinney.jpg Lyle McKinney
Associate Professor, Higher Education
Research Interests: I study college affordability and degree completion, particularly among community college students.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? Houston is a such a vibrant city. It’s a fun place to live. I began my faculty career at UH 11 years ago, and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the city and the University. Our students in the College of Education are absolutely amazing. Students come to study with us from across the country and the world. Teaching and learning with them continues to enrich my life professionally and personally. In our higher education program, I love the vibe our faculty has created. We all work incredibly hard, but we don’t overlook the importance of play and laughter, and we support each other outside the boundaries of work.
pshort.jpg Paula Myrick Short
Distinguished Professor, Higher Education
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, UH
Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UH System
yzou.jpg Yali Zou
Professor, Higher Education
Director, Asian American Studies Center
Research Interests: My research focuses on cross-cultural and transnational understanding and communication; social, cultural and political contexts of learning; ethnic identity and academic achievement motivation; immigration issues; global education; and ethnographic and qualitative research methods in education.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? I have enjoyed working at UH for more than two decades because of its visionary and supportive leadership; my innovative, productive and collaborative colleagues; and the University’s amazingly talented and diverse students. I love Houston! It is a great metropolitan city with an international flare where one can connect with the world through the city’s diverse population, rich cultures, different languages and wonderful ethnic food — all contributing to a high quality of life. It has everything you could ever want! 

K-12 Leadership

kbutcher.jpg Keith A. Butcher
Clinical Assistant Professor, K-12 Leadership
Program Director, M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision
Research Interests: As program director for principal preparation programs, my research interests are centered around effective school leaders’ leadership practices and how educator preparation programs and districts can partner to enrich internship experiences to prepare school and district instructional leaders.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? Located in one of the most diverse cities in the United States, the University of Houston cultivates a supportive learning and research environment that respects equity and diversity. I appreciate the wide variety of arts and entertainment opportunities in the Houston area, including world-class symphony, opera, ballet and theater performances. No matter your favorite cuisine, you will find outstanding restaurants in Houston. If you share my interest in the outdoors, you will enjoy the many trails and public parks, and, remember, it’s just a short drive for a day trip to the beach or a camping trip to the Texas hill country. Welcome to Houston! 
bdavis.jpg Bradley Davis
Associate Professor, K-12 Leadership
Program Director, Ed.D. in Professional Leadership — K-12
Research Interests: My research interests include educator career outcomes, data visualization, social justice leadership, leadership preparation and education law.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? In a number of meaningful ways, Houston is home. I was born and raised in the city limits. I started my career in education with surrounding public school districts. I then spent my time in graduate school and the early stages of my academic career trying to find a way to return home. Now that I am here, I am regularly reminded of the incredibly rich and diverse research, outreach and service opportunities that the University and surrounding area provide. From community centers to museums, ice houses to concert halls, taquerias to steakhouses, parks to professional sports, Houston is a culturally rich, international city with a lot to offer. It excites me to think about the personal and professional opportunities that lie ahead for our new faculty members.
rfreelon.jpg Rhoda Freelon
Assistant Professor, K-12 Leadership
Research Interests: My research is connected to two specific areas — the exploration of educational inequality rooted in various forms of systemic oppression and the democratic engagement of families and community members in the life of schools and district governance. My work engages multiple methodological approaches with a focus on research that explores the possibilities of educational equity for historically marginalized populations.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? Houston is a major metropolitan area with a wealth of racial-ethnic diversity. This translates into vibrant neighborhoods as well as a wonderfully robust arts and cultural scene throughout the city.
djohnson.jpg Detra D. Johnson
Assistant Professor, K-12 Leadership
Research Interests: My research agenda focuses on how structural and institutionalized discrimination impacts social justice; educational disparities and inequities; diversity; inclusion for marginalized persons based the intersection of educational policies, politics and practices; and the application of resilience and self-determination as coping mechanisms.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? Both places are home. I am an alumna, and I was born and raised here. My family is here so I get the opportunity to see them on a regular basis while we enjoy everything in and around Houston.
dklussmann.jpg Duncan Klussmann
Clinical Assistant Professor, K-12 Leadership
rlopez.jpg Ruth M. López
Assistant Professor, K-12 Leadership
Research Interests: I examine the educational experiences, opportunities and outcomes of students of color along the P-20 pipeline — specifically focusing on Latinx and immigrant students and families. I also examine immigration policy and its implications on education, contributing to scholarship that illuminates how immigration policy intersects with education. My goal is to identify policies and practices that can remove the barriers that immigrant students and families face in both K-12 and higher education institutions.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? As a mother scholar, I have found UH to be family friendly. It helped a lot to have access to an on-site child care center, back-up care and enrichment opportunities for my children. As a Latina faculty member, I have also appreciated the creation of a faculty Women of Color Coalition. I have been able to connect with Women of Color faculty across campus this way and find a community of support. As a tenure-track faculty member, I have found several opportunities to help me grow as a scholar such as internal grants, access to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, and through support of my department. Houston is just a great city to live in, for many reasons, but for me the diversity stands out. 
apeters-hawkins.jpg April Peters-Hawkins
Associate Professor, K-12 Leadership
Associate Chair, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Research Interests: My focus is broadly on school leadership. Specifically, I am interested in mentoring and support that districts provide for early career principals; the experiences of urban school leaders; and Black women principals and their epistemological articulation of the ways that intersectionality influences their leadership.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? Houston is a diverse city with many cultural activities and events for all ages.
areyes.jpg Augustina Reyes
Professor Emeritus, K-12 Leadership
Research Interests: My research focuses on urban educational leadership in environments with diverse populations. The specific areas include urban school finance, leadership preparation and behavioral policies; language and race issues; the roles and responsibilities of principals in high-poverty and one-race schools; turnaround schools; disproportionality, equity and discrimination; and disaster and public school policy.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? As a lifelong Houstonian, it is amazing to see how Houston and the University of Houston have been transformed, having a woman of color as the leader of this institution and a woman as provost and leader of the faculty are an inspiration for continued transformation of higher education.
vsnodgrassrangel.jpg Virginia Snodgrass Rangel
Assistant Professor, K-12 Leadership
Research Interests: My research is focused on access to learning opportunities in three areas: K-16 STEM education, youth re-entering school after incarceration, and college-going. I am interested in the structures that create and inhibit opportunities and the beliefs that students hold about their education and career options.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? I love being in such a diverse city that also is family friendly. My family and I try to use the many wonderful parks and green spaces as often as possible, whether for running or taking a walk or exploring nature with our kids. We also love the restaurant scene as well as having access to world-class music and theater. And, no summer would be complete without weekend day trips to the beach in or around Galveston. It’s all at your fingertips!

Science Education

hdomjan.jpg Heather Domjan
Clinical Associate Professor, Science Education
Research Interests: My research is focused on K-12 student and educator success in the following areas: STEM engagements and career awareness, science education and English language learners, and teacher professional development.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? My alma mater, the University of Houston offers unlimited opportunities as a Tier One research institution that provides a world-class education, with a wonderful diversity of individuals for collaborating on research projects and increasing networking capacities. I love how Houstonians have the chance to enjoy green spaces, explore NASA, experience a variety of foods, walk on the beach, view theatrical performances and events, and have access to the leading medical complex in the U.S. As many say, “I’m not from here, but I got here as fast as I could.”
athompson.jpg Amber Thompson
Clinical Associate Professor, Science Education
Associate Chair, Teacher Education
Teaching Interests: My goal for teacher candidates is to provide them researched-based instructional strategies and multiple opportunities to practice teaching skills while receiving high-quality feedback. My work also centers around how teaching science advances social justice and provides K-12 students with the knowledge and skills to actively participate in improving the world around them.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? I really enjoy living in big city with a wide variety of outdoor spaces, museums, restaurants, shopping and events. One thing I love about the University of Houston is the commitment faculty have to serving the community and the partnerships between the University and the people we serve.
swong.jpg Sissy Wong
Associate Professor, Science Education
Program Director, Curriculum and Instruction — Science Education
Research Interests: My research focuses on induction programs for elementary and secondary science teachers; recruitment, retention and persistence of beginning secondary science teachers; nature of science; and beliefs and practices.

Bilingual/ESL Education

mcole.jpg Mikel W. Cole
Associate Professor, Bilingual/ESL Education
Research Interests: I study emergent bilingual students in K-12 settings and am particularly interested in the development of teaching approaches that utilize linguistic and cultural strengths in the classroom. I engage in the preparation of teachers to provide equitable and effective instruction for these students, as well as the intersections of language policy with classroom instruction. My recent work is focused on finding ways to provide language and literacy services inside immigrant detention facilities.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? I love the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Houston, the way it is evident in art and cuisine and everyday life everywhere you look. I appreciate the availability of green spaces like the Buffalo Bayou hike/bike trails, as well as the Arboretum and areas around town like the Sam Houston forest. I am really grateful to be at UH with a fantastic team of colleagues doing interesting and related work with whom I am just beginning to develop collaboration!
mli.jpg Miao Li
Assistant Professor, Bilingual/ESL Education
Research Interests: My research is focused on linguistic, cognitive, psychological, ecological and genetic factors in learning to read and reading comprehension in bilingual children with and without reading disabilities, and their implications on instruction and pedagogy. One of my ongoing initiatives is bridging research and practice and helping educators develop their evidence-based practice.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? Working at UH and living in Houston is great! I enjoy the intellectually stimulating atmosphere and collegial collaboration at UH. Our students are amazing and creative. Houston is one of the most ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse cities in the country. It is a wonderful place to live if you like different cultures.
mburgess-monroy.jpg Miguel Burgess Monroy 
Clinical Assistant Professor, Bilingual/ESL Education
Research Interests: I’m interested in Latinx teacher recruitment and retention, the minority teacher shortage, social injustice pedagogy and policy, bilingual education curriculum and narrative inquiry.
Teaching Interests: I’m interested in preparing bilingual education students very thoroughly to become excellent teachers who will endure and make a lasting contribution to bilingual education. The current gap between Latinx teacher and student populations is untenable and unjust.  
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? I adore the students. I am in love with the potential they have to make transformative change for Latinx populations in the city of Houston.
jzhang.jpg Jie Zhang
Associate Professor, Bilingual/ESL Education
Program Director, Curriculum and Instruction — Bilingual/ESL Education
Research Interests: My research is focused on language and literacy development and instruction for culturally and linguistically diverse learners and integrating language and literacy in STEM teaching and learning for English language learners.
What do you enjoy about UH and Houston? I enjoy working at UH because of the great colleagues and students. I call Houston home because of its celebration of culture and diversity. I love to explore ethnic food/restaurants in Houston. 
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Faculty share their experiences on campus and in the city in this UH video.

Did You Know?

  • UH is a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution and Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution and a Carnegie-designated Tier One research institution.
  • The College is ranked No. 8 in the country for our online graduate education programs (U.S. News & World Report, 2020).
  • The Houston region serves more than 1.2 million public schoolchildren.
  • The city offers a 300-mile interconnected bikeway network spread over 500 square miles.
  • The Houston Museum District is one of the country’s most visited cultural centers with 19 museums in close proximity.

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UH Administration Building


Search Committee Co-Chairs (Tenure Track)

Lyle McKinney, associate professor of higher education

Sissy Wong, associate professor of science education; program director, Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction

Search Committee Co-Chairs (Clinical)

Susie Gronseth, clinical associate professor of learning, design and technology

Eleanore Tyson, clinical professor of elementary education