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Disability Support Certificate

Educators and other professionals can bolster their expertise in supporting individuals with disabilities through this online certificate program.

Students in the Disability Support Certificate program will learn about:

  • disabilities and disability law for educational and professional settings;
  • characteristics, intervention strategies and services for individuals with disabilities;
  • theory and principles of behavioral analysis in a variety of school and professional settings;
  • how to conduct behavioral observations;
  • designing and using data collection tools, linking interventions with appropriate data tools and making evidence-based decisions;
  • how to examine and apply evidence-based instructional strategies, programs and tools for addressing the learning needs of individuals with disabilities;
  • engaging in discussions on state and federal laws as they pertain to the acquisition and use of assistive technology;
  • navigating a variety of assistive technology, devices, services and resources, including internet resources for individuals with disabilities; and
  • collaborating and consulting with parents, families, teachers, administrators and other professionals in the community.

Certificate Requirements

  • Credit hours required: 15
  • All courses are offered online and count for three credit hours each:
    • SPEC 6360 - Individuals with Disabilities
    • SPEC 6362 - Behavior: Evidence-Based Decisions
    • SPEC 6365 - Data-Based Individualization of Instruction
    • SPEC 6353 - Technology in Special Populations
    • SPEC 7391 - Collaborative Consultation and Coaching


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