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Virtual Programming Ideas

There are many ways that you can stay virtually connected to your fellow Coogs! Check out this list of options to help you connect and engage in a fun and meaningful way.


  • Netflix Party - Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online. It synchronizes video playback & adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows. One month free with a new account. ONLY available on Chrome browsers on desktop or laptops.

  • CoogTV On-Campus and On-Demand - CoogTV allows you to watch hundreds of free movies if you're on campus or at home using a VPN!

  • Kanopy - Are you on an indie film kick? Thanks to a partnership with UH libraries you can watch over 30,000 Documentaries, Classic and Indie Films for free with your UH email. Sign up now!


  • Virtual Open Mic - Wanna show of your skills virtually? Engage in a Virtual Open Mic where you are able to show off your comedic skills, poetry, singing, and more! This is a great time to be your most creative self and showcase your talent.

  • Karaoke - Use an online karaoke catalog like Karafun, SingSnag, or Smule for an off-the-charts competition. Or, you can simply search for karaoke versions of popular songs on YouTube.

  • Degy Friday Night Live - Friday Night Live! Is Degys “New” Friday night concert series hosted by DJ Jeff and MC Ari. Join us at 7:00pm on Facebook Live for a concert you won’t want to miss! Each week a “Special Guest” will Headline the show. Who?? You’ll have to show up to find out!

  • Social Distancing Festival - This is a site for celebrating art from all over the world, showcasing amazing talent, and coming together as a community at a time when we need it more than ever.

  • Live Streams and Virtual Concerts - BillBoard made a list of all of the live stream and virtual concerts and the list is pretty good – check it out here

Interactive Activities

  • Virtual Theme Parks - Tired of being in the house? Experience the magic of some of the world's Amusement Parks from the comfort of your couch! Check out these videos to ride Disney World Attractions.

  • Bingo - With Bingo Maker Web Application, you will be able to make your own custom bingo cards and host a bingo game in a few clicks with our virtual bingo caller. You can make cards with numbers, words or phrases in the squares and insert your images around the cards.

  • Name that Tune - Have someone host this classic game by playing songs on your platform and picking different people to guess. In a group setting people can create clever buzzers, ring in on the chat option and more. Have fun with your trivia but making it into a game similar to Shazam on Fox.

  • Trivia - Use a tool like Kahoot or Quizziz to challenge your friends to a fun round (or two or 50) of trivia. You could get creative with themes that are either serious (such as national news, politics, and institutional history) or wacky (like types of pasta, famous Instagram cats, and memes.)

  • Show and Tell Happy Hour! Practice social distancing socially! Arrange a shared hour for all your friends to come together and be social. You can start with one of these ideas:

    • Get as many friends from as many different cities or countries together as possible in the same chat and share similarities and differences between the areas and lifestyles.

    • Show and Tell: have people bring or show something culture related from their home, give a “Cribs” style tour of a room or their house, or have everyone wear a hat or their favorite pair of shoes to the chat.

  • Convers(ate) - Come together, while being apart, with the purpose of having meaningful conversations with your friends, family and networks. Use this list of question prompts to get you started

  • Make a joint playlist –Music is a universal language and can help us all come together, even while apart. If you are like some members of the Center for Student Involvement, nothing can be more motivating and uplifting than a good playlist with new music.

  • Host a Facebook Watch Party - Post videos and content and get all your friends to watch at the and discuss at the same time.

  • Game List! - Are you missing your game nights with friends? Or, want to try out a new game you have never heard of. Here is a link with a wonderfully compiled list of Board, Card and other Games that you can play with friends from a distance

  • Houston Public Library - offers great free resources for digital entertainment and streaming, online trainings, tutoring and book clubs

  • Digital Escape Room - Complete a Hogwarts Digital Escape room by yourself or in a group. Or, you can make your own using Google Forms – view a tutorial here: Make your own Escape Room!

Focus on Self

  • Cooking Made Easy - Feeling inspired to test out those recipes you did not think were possible? Search unique, easy to follow and precise “How-To” videos to perfect your cooking craft on Facebook Videos, Instagram Videos, Tasty, Delish, and more.

  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems! - Join Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence at Home for a live daily doodle lesson at 12:00pm CST. Videos will be available after live on the Kennedy Center YouTube channel.

  • Join the McHarper Manor weekdays on Facebook for a daily art project tutorial. Art projects will range from watercolor paintings to chalk art to canvas painting and will take place live at 12:00pm CST. Videos will be available after the live class on the McHarper Manor Facebook page

  • Duolingo - Get Inspired! Learn something new. Switch up your stay at home routine and learn a language online with bite-size lessons based on science. Set a learning language goal and begin speaking with just a few minutes of practice each day.

  • YouTube has some great learning resources - focus your time on learning how to apply makeup in a new way, try yoga for the first time or learn to use that certain software on your computer. Focus your efforts and who knows what you'll be able to accomplish!

  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing – Yes, we said it. MAVIS. BEACON. This is a classic, and yet very effective tool in helping even strong typers improve their abilities. A couple of hours of investment in time with this program will boost your confidence and elevate your paper writing skills to a whole other level.

  • Virtual Interfaith Sessions - Coordinate scheduled times with your faith-based leaders to host sessions of prayer or conversation. This is a great opportunity to share sermons or other sessions to help find some normalcy in the spiritual space.

Do you have other ideas for programs? Please send your ideas to We would love to hear them. The information on this page was compiled from a variety of online sources by the Center for Student Involvement staff; in some cases, it is original content. If you would like to know the specific source of any of the above information, please contact and we will be happy to help you out!