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Academic Services

On-Campus Resources 

Undergraduate Academic Advising 

Advising and guidance on selecting classes, reach out to the academic advising staff for your particular program. To find your academic advisor, this website provides a complete campus list of academic advisors based on the department. 

Graduate School Services 

Students at The University of Houston Graduate School experience unparalleled professional development opportunities, program flexibility and academic support. 

Undergraduate Student Success Center 

The Undergraduate Student Success Center (USSC) is a coordinated network of resources focused explicitly on the goal of undergraduate student success. 

Justin Dart, Jr. Student Accessibility Center (Dart Center) 

The Justin Dart, Jr. Student Accessibility Center is your on-campus disability support and accommodation office. Whether it is a permanent or temporary physical impairment, learning disability or psychological disorder, Dart Center staff can support you. 

Academic Affairs 

Academic Affairs includes the faculty members, department chairs, college deans and central academic administration of the University of Houston. It is here that all problems related to the educational programs offered by the University should be resolved. Students are encouraged to seek clarification regarding procedures and information for individual academic grievance policies through their respective colleges before initiating a grievance at the University level.