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Texas Workforce Solutions (TWS)

ONLY children and legal dependents of students at the University of Houston receiving child care tuition assistance through SFAC at the University of Houston Children’s Learning Centers (CLC) are eligible to use the Texas Workforce Solutions (TWS) subsidy at CLC.

In order be eligible:

  • The student parent has a child currently enrolled at CLC
  • The student parent is currently receiving SFAC tuition assistance
  • The student parent has been approved by TWS to receive a subsidy

CLC approval process:

  • Children must be approved to receive TWS child care financial aid at CLC before Workforce Solutions will pay for the services.
  • Workforce Solutions staff are responsible for referring (authorizing) children for services at CLC.
  • Workforce Solutions will call CLC with the referral information to authorize services and CLC will receive an authorization code. Without this code, the call is not a valid authorization.
  • CLC will notify the student-parent once they have been authorized. The student-parent will complete and return the form below every semester.

Written approval is required by a CLC director.

Approved assistance can only be used for the current semester.

Texas Workforce Solutions (TWS) Subsidy Approval Form