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Research Opportunities

Funded Research Opportunities for CLASS Undergraduates  Summer 2022

Most of these opportunities pay for travel and the majority of or all living expenses as well as provide stipends ranging from small to generous. You can get paid to do research or something else amazing!

This is only a sample from September 2021. Other opportunities may be announced later, so do your own searches. If you want to apply for any of these opportunities, discuss them with your professors as early as possible before the deadline so that they can help you prepare the best possible application.

Opportunities at the University of Houston

Note: These programs are coordinated by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Major Awards.

UH SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship)

  • Purpose and benefit: 10-week independent research program; pays a stipend
  • Deadline from past year: Mid-March
  • What you will need: Independent project proposal (may be working with faculty member in area of his/her interest), faculty member who agrees to sponsor you and work with you

UH PURS (Provost’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship)

  • Purpose: Juniors and seniors participate in a research project in spring semester. Receive a $1,000 stipend.
  • Deadline from past year: April (for fall), October or November (for spring)

Mellon Research Scholars

  • Purpose: “Supports underrepresented students (Hispanic, African American, Pacific Islander) and other undergraduates with a demonstrated commitment to the goal of building a diverse academy in the humanities. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is committed to training future scholars and supporting scholarship in the humanities." Students engage in summer research between their junior and senior years. Stipend.
  • Deadline from past year: November

Opportunities elsewhere in the United States

Most of these opportunities pay travel & most or all living expenses, plus pay stipends ranging from small to generous.  You can get paid to do research or something else amazing! 

This is only a sample. Other opportunities may be announced later, so keep looking.

If you want to apply for any of these opportunities, discuss them with your professors as early as possible before the deadline so that they can help you prepare the best possible application.

Multiple Fields 

Leadership Alliance Summer Research Early Identification Institute
Purpose: 8-week summer research institute for underrepresented groups in academia & medicine. Programs at 22 universities; some of them target Humanities and Social Sciences. Apply to up to three host universities.
Deadline for past years: February 1st
Rutgers Undergraduate Summer Institute (RIse)
Purpose: primarily for under-represented groups, for science and engineering, including social science  Intensive research experience
Deadline for past years: rolling admissions starting in November
Program takes place from May 31 – August 5.

SROP Multiple Universities
Purpose: promoting diversity in higher education, for students seriously considering graduate school for research degrees. These are mentored summer research opportunities, which give students 1-on-1 experience doing research. All STEM fields. Search under “SROP” for more information, and check if there is a social science option.
                   Deadline for past years: in March
U Maryland School of Behavioral and Social Sciences:
Deadline for past years: February
SROP-Gateway to education at Big 10 universities:
Deadline for past years: November–February 

UC Riverside Summer Mentoring Program
Purpose: To increase diversity of students pursuing doctoral degrees in California universities. Summer research experience. 
Deadline for past years: February

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Moore Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (MURAP)
Purpose: “MURAP seeks to prepare talented and motivated underrepresented students from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds, or those with a proven commitment to diversity and to eradicating racial disparities in the academy, for doctoral study in fields in the humanities, social sciences and fine arts.”
Deadline for past years: February 


National Science Foundation Summer Institutes:
Including communications, economics, linguistics, political science, psychology, public history, security studies, sociology

University of Northern Arizona
The Psychophysiology of Compassion
Purpose: Offers “qualified undergraduates the opportunity to collaborate with department doctoral faculty in all stages of psychological research”
Deadline for past years: March
They did not host in 2021 due to COVID but may host this program in the future.
The Ohio University
The Science of Language
Purpose: Conduct educational demonstrations at a public science museum and conduct research in linguistics, psychology, speech and/or hearing science. Particularly for students with coursework in linguistics, speech & hearing science, psychology, anthropology, childhood development, education.
Deadline for past years: Late February

Ohio University
Treatment-Related Research for Youth with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Problems
Purpose: Provides “undergraduate students (psychology, social work, biology, pre-med, education) with an in-depth, hands-on experience focused on gaining clinical research skills for children with social, emotional and behavioral problems (SEB). Students are trained in the application of the scientific method to develop hypotheses and trained on how to design and conduct research studies on treatment-related issues for children with SEB. Students are also trained in the ethical conduct of research.”
Deadline for past years: March

Syracuse University
Trauma Research for Veterans and Civilians
Purpose: Research in Psychology. “This program for undergraduates is designed to improve access to research experiences for groups typically underrepresented in research (namely, veterans).”
Deadlines for past years: March 

Texas A&M
Research Institute in Sociology and Social Inequality
Purpose: “gives undergraduate students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the patterns, nature, causes and consequences of social disparities through hands-on participation in research projects supervised by leading faculty researchers.”
Not being held in 2022 due to COVID; check back next year.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Social Network Analysis for Solving Minority Health Disparities
Purpose: An “interdisciplinary program aimed at conducting cutting-edge social and behavioral research into understanding and reducing health disparities and in diversifying minority health researchers ... Students will learn basic approaches to network science/SNA in order to employ these skills where possible in their summer research projects.” For students in sociology, psychology, communication studies, public health, political sciences, anthropology, child, youth, and family studies, educational psychology, ethnic studies, nutrition.
Deadline for past year: Nov. 15.

University of South Alabama
Bioarchaeology of Bronze Age Social Systems
Purpose: Students will work alongside researchers on projects which “focus on the bioarchaeological analysis of two skeletal collections from the United Arab Emirates dating to the Umm an-Nar period (2700-2000 BCE) in order to examine the socioeconomic and environmental circumstances impacting local communities in southeastern Arabia.”
Deadline: Unavailable for 2021 but will return in 2022

The University of Texas at Austin
Race, Ethnicity and Family Demography
Purpose: “Students will have the opportunity to work directly with faculty, policy analysts and senior graduate students on issues related to race, ethnicity and American families. Students will also participate in coursework, data analysis, training experiences in the ‘real’ world and the academy.”
Deadline for previous year: February 


Social Sciences

American Bar Foundation Montgomery Summer Research Diversity Fellows in Law and Social Sciences
Purpose & benefits: “summer research fellowship for undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds interested in pursuing graduate studies in the social sciences. This summer program is designed to introduce students to the rewards and demands of a research-oriented career in the field of law and social science.” 
Deadline for previous year: February

APSA Ralph Bunche summer institute
Purpose & benefits: summer institute for students who are considering graduate studies in political science
For minorities and those interested in conducting research on issues affecting minorities
Deadline for previous year: Mid-January.
For more information: 

Hertog Foundation
Purpose: for students interested in political theory.  Extensive courses with distinguished visiting scholars.  Deadlines for past years: January
For more information:

International Relations
Charles B. Rangel Summer Enrichment Program
Purpose: 6 week program for students with interest in pursuing a career in International Affairs, held at Howard University, for students from under-represented backgrounds. 
Deadline for previous year: February
For more information:

PPIA Junior Summer Institutes
Purpose: 7 week summer program to prepare students for graduate study and careers in public and international affairs. Goal is to encourage more diverse perspectives in public service, including from economically disadvantaged.  Institutes held at 5 universities, including Princeton, Berkeley & University of Michigan.  Small stipend and costs paid. Those who complete the program are eligible for scholarships for M.A. programs.
Deadline for previous year: November

Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation
Purpose:  provide training in conflict resolution, develop international networks for young scholars.
Deadlines for previous years: Jan 1 and March 15.
Not hosting a program this year in 2022, check back next year



New York Public Library
Schomburg-Mellon Humanities Summer Institute
Purpose: “Summer Institute to encourage minority students and others with an interest in African American, African and African Diasporan Studies to pursue Ph.D.s in the humanities”
Deadline for past year: February

Library Company of Philadelphia
Mellon Scholars Summer and Mellon Scholars Summer Workshop
Purpose: “to enhance the production of scholarly work in African American history of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries” and to “increase the participation of scholars from underrepresented backgrounds and others in the field of African American history prior to 1900.”
Deadline for past year: March 1