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Faculty Publications 2007

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  • book cover - Energy-Intensive MetropolisMartin Melosi & Joseph Pratt

    Energy-Intensive Metropolis: An Environmental History of Houston and the Gulf Coast Region (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2007)

  • book cover - The Deepest SouthGerald Horne

    The Deepest South: The United States, Brazil, and the African Slave Trade (New York University Press, 2007)

  • book cover - White PacificGerald Horne

    The White Pacific: U.S. Imperialism and Black Slavery in the South Seas After the Civil War (University of Hawaii Press, 2007)

  • book cover - Making the AmericasThomas O'Brien

    Making the Americas: The United States and Latin America from the Age of Revolutions to the Era of Globalization (University of New Mexico Press, 2007)

  • book cover - Teachers's School and the Making of Modern Chinese Nation-StateXiaoping Cong

    Teachers' Schools and the Making of the Modern Chinese Nation-State, 1897-1937 (University of British Columbia, 2007)

  • book cover - Cold War in a Hot ZoneGerald Horne

    Cold War in a Hot Zone: The United States Confronts Labor and Independence Struggles in the British West Indies (Temple University Press, 2007)

  • book cover- The Problem of EvilSteven Mintz and John Stauffer, eds.

    The Problem of Evil: Slavery Freedom and the Ambiguities of American Reform (University of Massachusetts Press, 2007)

  • book cover- The New Encyclopedia of Southern CultureMartin V. Melosi, ed.

    The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Volume 8: The Environment (University of North Carolina Press, 2007)