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Speech, Language, Aphasia, and the Brain Lab

“He who has once in his life experienced the joy of scientific creation will never forget it; he will be longing to renew it.” -Peter Kropotkin

About the Lab

The lab is directed by Dr. Dial and investigates the neural bases of speech perception and language comprehension using a variety of methods including behavioral (e.g., cognitive-linguistic assessment), structural magnetic resonance imaging (voxel-based lesion symptom mapping, voxel-based morphometry), electroencephalography (EEG), natural language processing, and machine learning. The SLAB Lab works with neurotypical adults across the lifespan as well as individuals with stroke-induced aphasia, primary progressive aphasia, and Alzheimer’s dementia with prominent language symptoms. The primary research goals are to identify changes in speech perception and language comprehension across the lifespan and in the context of aphasia and dementia, to identify neural predictors of response to speech-language intervention, and to develop more effective speech-language interventions and diagnostic tools.

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