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Student Advisory Board

Staying true to the spirit of the students who requested the formation of “a comprehensive department of Afro-American Studies” in 1969, the student advisory board will engage with the UH community to foster an academic environment that brings attention to cultures, class and gender identities of Africans and people of the African diaspora.

Advisory Board Goals:

  • To assist the department chair with raising the visibility of the African American Studies department on and off campus.
  • To support students in their pursuit of academic and professional development.
  • To encourage students to be leaders within the community through mutual aid and collective care initiatives.

Meet the Advisory Board

Andrea Tribble

A Tribble

My name is Andrea Tribble and I’m a sophomore from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In my free time I enjoy creative writing and reading - my favorite author is bell hooks! I chose AAS as a major because I am passionate about my identity as a Black woman and I want my education to aid in my process of self actualization. I look forward to using my education not only as a way of connecting with myself and my ancestry, but to also develop the skills necessary for community building and reeducation.