CASA Privacy Policy - University of Houston
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The Center for Academic Support and Assessment (CASA) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data.

When you access this and other websites under CASA*, we may collect and process some of your personal information. This includes name, Peoplesoft ID, grades, email address and student pictures taken at registration. Student biometrics are hashed and stored in a secure database. Biometrics cannot be extracted from their hash values.

We do not collect any sensitive personal information, including racial origin, ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, trade union memberships, data concerning health, and sexual orientation.

The data collected is used to:

  • Allow you to access testing and tutoring services offered under CASA
  • Send email alerts or newsletters to users
  • Gather feedback to improve our services

CASA will not share or sell any personal information to third parties for their use in digital marketing, advertising, or promotion of their products or services.

Q: How we keep your data secure

Data is stored on servers owned by the University of Houston, secured at physical, infrastructure and data layers.

Q: How long do we keep the data for

We keep your data for as long as needed to fulfil the particular purpose for which it was collected. We may also retain your records if legally required or to fulfill a legitimate interest.

Cookie Policy

We do not store any persistent cookies on the user machines, session cookies that we use are deleted as soon as the user logs out.

For more details please refer to the University of Houston privacy policy.