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CCS is an auxiliary system that is built on top of Canvas. Instructors use CCS as an add-on to Canvas. Canvas is used to manage their courses and their gradebooks, and CCS provides additional functionality. Their students use CCS to schedule proctored exams in the CASA Testing Centers, take proctored exams in the CASA Testing Centers, take online quizzes, and complete EMCFs.

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CCS contains features that enhance the experience of users that use Canvas in the following ways:

  • Giving instructors grade reports for assignments given in CSS.
  • Allowing instructors to upload exam and quiz content from CASA Courseware for previous courses directly to CCS.
  • Allowing instructors to upload new exam and quiz content to CCS using the traditional zip file format traditionally used with CASA Courseware.
  • Allowing instructors to easily copy content from place to place within CCS.
  • Allowing instructors to upload grades from CCS to Canvas.

New features are regularly added to CCS, and will be announced as they become available. Instructors and instructional designers are welcome to make requests.

Additional Information

CCS supports many features that are not easily available in Canvas. Examples:

  • opt-out – A mechanism instructors can use to allow students performing at a high level to skip their final exam.
  • LGC – A tool that can be activated by instructors to allow students to view their current course grade.
  • EMCFs – A tool that can be used to give a special type of interactive assessment.
  • Grade Manipulation – A tool that can be used to replace the lowest test scores with the score on the final exam.
  • Controlled Access to Online Learning Materials
  • Proctored Exam Scheduling in CASA Testing Centers

Please inquire about the items above, and other items that are not listed.