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Canvas Course Request Policy

**Canvas courses must be available the first day of class**
Merges will not be allowed once class is in session**

 It is important for students to have access to Canvas Courses on the first day of class for a given semester/session. Starting in Spring 2024, instructors are required to have all Canvas Courses available to students on the first day of the session.

Merges done after a class is in session is disruptive and can result in loss of student data. Starting in Spring 2024, merges will not be allowed after a class is in session except for very specific reasons (see below). 


  • Courses must be requested/created prior to the student loading date.
    • Courses not requested on time will be created as a blank shell.
      • No Material Transferred
  • Merges must be done prior to the student loading date.
    • Merges can be done in the CRS at the time a course is requested.
    • Merges are not allowed once classes are in session.
    • Exceptions will only be allowed for:
      • Instructor assignment/reassignment
      • Section additions or reductions per the Registrar
  • Additional Information:
    • Students will be loaded 5-7 days prior to the first day of each session.
    • Courses are published and made available upon creation.