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May 2024 - A&F Supports Commencement Ceremonies


Commencement season has come and gone at the University of Houston, and departments from Administration and Finance were once again pivotal in ensuring the ceremonies went smoothly.

Departments like Copy & Print, the UH Campus Store, Parking & Transportation, the University of Houston Police Department, and Campus Safety were instrumental before, during, and after commencement. Their hard work allowed new Coog graduates, their families, and friends a safe and joyous commencement ceremony.

View the Commencement Photo Gallery to see how these departments assisted with UH’s commencement ceremonies.

May 2024 - UHPD Attends PLECET Conference


UHPD Crime Prevention Officer Felipe Gutierrez represented the department at Atlanta, Georgia’s 2024 PLECET (Professionalizing Law Enforcement Community Engagement Training) Conference. Attendees learned about the best and most promising community outreach practices and resources while networking with other law enforcement professionals working in similar roles across the nation. 

“I learned a lot and what I brought back to the department is not only a network of connections from across the United States, but also the importance of community engagement. Proactive efforts to build positive relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the broader campus community,” said Gutierrez. “By actively engaging with the community, department strives to enhance campus safety, prevent crime, and build a strong sense of community ownership and responsibility for campus security.” 


April 2024 - UHPD Takes Part in Teal Resource Fair

uhpd foresics tabeling

The University of Houston Police Department spent time tabling at the UH Goes Teal Resource Fair an event that recognizes Sexual Awareness Month. UHPD joined over 20 campus and community partners in sharing their resources and connecting with the UH community.

March 2024 - UHPD Chief Ceaser Moore Attends the World Police Summit in Dubai


UHPD Chief Ceaser Moore attended the World Police Summit 2024 in Dubai. The event served as a platform for creating new business opportunities and facilitating networking among leading minds in the industry. Conference attendees heard from law enforcement professionals from across the globe and had the opportunity to view the latest technological advancements in law enforcement.

"Training is a continuous endeavor for professionals. The World Police Summit offered the most current strategies regarding drones, crime prevention, and other topics. It was very enlightening to learn about the newest drone capabilities and platforms since Dubai Police are seen as a world leader in such technology,” UHPD Chief Moore said.

“For instance, their goal is to have drones autonomously on the scene of events the rough their city in 60 seconds. Their current on-scene response time is approximately 2 minutes. Seeing drones used in such a capacity offers ideas for consideration.”

February 2024 - Skywarn Spotter Training

Skywarn Spotter Training

The Office of Emergency Management hosted a Skywarn Storm Spotter Training in February, where attendees learned the basics of thunderstorm development, the fundamentals of a storm structure, how to identify potential severe weather features, and how to report severe weather to the National Weather Service.

February 2024 - Environmental Health & Safety Observes Lab Safety Week

Environmental Health & Safety Observes Lab Safety Week

Lab Safety Awareness Week is an annual event held in February that fosters the opportunity to recognize the efforts of laboratory health and safety programs. In 2024, Lab Safety Week fell on February 12-14. The Environmental Health & Safety department observed Lab Safety Week by hosting meet and greets across campus to answer questions, provide pertinent safety information, and quiz students on lab safety. Visit Campus Snapshots to look at EHS’s Lab Safety Week in pictures.