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Student Parking

If you will be parking your vehicle on campus, you will need to have a parking permit, unless you use one of the paid visitor parking locations.
  • Every spring semester, student permit registration kicks off for the academic year that starts in the upcoming fall. You register through your myParking Account, accessible via AccessUH, and select up to four permit preferences.
  • Permit registration closes in late June and student permit assignments are made. This lasts approximately two weeks. During this time, myParking accounts will not be accessible and no permits are sold.
  • Students are notified via email of the permit type they have been assigned.
  • Permits are mailed to the address chosen in AccessUH during the registration process. The mailing process usually starts in mid- to late-July.
  • After permit registration closes, online permit sales are suspended until approximately the second week of the fall semester.
  • After permits are assigned, remaining permits become available for purchase in the Parking and Transportation Services' customer service location in University Lofts. This is where students need to go to buy a permit if they did not register online before the registration deadline ended.
  • After the second week of fall classes and for the remainder of the academic year, any remaining student permits can be purchased in person or online.
  • Permits purchased in person are provided to students immediately. Those ordered online after the fall semester starts usually are mailed within two business days. A temporary printable permit is assigned by the system and can be used for up to seven (7) days while you wait for the permanent permit. The link for this temporary permit is provided in the confirmation email you received once you complete your purchase. Please note: temporary printable permits are not available for garage permits.
We ask that you make an appointment to come to our customer service office in University Lofts to receive a replacement.
Lost or stolen permits can be replaced at the cost of $50 in our customer service office in University Lofts. If your permit was stolen and you have a police report filed, you may bring a copy of that report and we will issue a replacement free of charge. Only one permit per academic year will be replaced at $50. Any additional replacements will be at full price.
Students have the opportunity to exchange their permits if the desired permit has not sold out.
During our regular registration period, all permits are charged to your student account (fee bill). You can pay the charge using MyUH (PeopleSoft) or in person at the cashier’s counter at the Welcome Center.

If you wait to purchase an available permit online after registration has closed, you can choose to place the charge on your student account or pay with a credit card if you choose.

If you purchase a permit in person, we will charge the permit to your student account.
Yes. Anyone with a valid UH parking permit can return it to us at our customer service location in University Lofts at any time to receive a prorated refund, which will be credited back to the original payment source. Please note: Currently during the Covid-19 situation, our offices remain closed. Students who want to request a prorated refund for the summer 2020 months should take two photos of their parking permit – one of the permit intact, and another of the permit cut into five pieces  then email the two photos to with their name and student ID number.
We offer a number of different permit types for students, including zoned and garages. If you have a zone permit, you must park in your assigned zone (the campus is divided into six zones). Garage permits allow you to park in the specific garage that you chose. The locations of all of the zones and garages can be found on the campus parking map. 
Anyone with a valid UH parking permit is allowed to park in any ungated lot on campus Monday-Thursday after 3 p.m., and anytime Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just make sure your permit is properly displayed and you do not park in a restricted space, such as reserved, disabled, metered and 20-minute unloading. 
You may appeal a citation online through your myParking Account, accessbile via AccessUH. Your appeal will then be reviewed and you will be notified of next steps. 

Faculty/Staff Parking

You can purchase a parking permit through your myParking Account, accessible via AccessUH. The permit will be mailed to you. You may also make an appointment to come to our customer service location in University Lofts to purchase a permit in person. If you buy one in person, you will receive the permit immediately.
You can choose to pay with a credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover Card) or have the cost of your permit deducted from your monthly or bi-weekly payroll. Please note that in order to be eligible for payroll deductions, you must be a regular full- or part-time employee who is paid by the university.
All regularly employed and benefits-eligible full- and part-time staff members are able to purchase a parking permit. Campus partners may also obtain staff parking permits by coming into the parking office and requesting one.
You may transfer your permit between vehicles as long as it is displayed properly and only one of those vehicles is on campus at a time. All of the vehicles you use need to be registered to the permit.
If you have an ungated permit, you are permitted to park in any of the ungated faculty/staff lots, which are labeled with green circles on the campus parking map. However, if you have a gated permit and wish to change lots, go to Parking Self Service in AccessUH and sign up for the waitlist of the lot you’re interested in.
No. If you have a permit and have terminated your employment you must return your parking permit to the parking office in order to clear that item off your termination checklist.
You may appeal a citation online through your myParking Account, accessbile via AccessUH. Your appeal will then be reviewed and you will be notified of next steps. 


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