Undergraduate Catalog F12-S13 with Spring 2013 Course Updates

Women's Studies Minor

A minor in Women's Studies consists of eighteen hours in designated women's studies courses (15 advanced hours + WOST 2350). At least twelve of the eighteen hours must be taken in residence. A maximum of six hours of approved transfer substitutes will be accepted toward the minor. No more than six semester hours in a student's major may apply to the minor. A minimum 2.00 grade point average is required for all courses attempted in the minor.

The interdisciplinary nature of this minor requires that students not confine course work to any one department or college. A minimum of nine hours of approved course work (including WOST 2350) from the humanities, fine arts, and communication fields of study and a minimum of six hours of approved course work from the social sciences fields of study must be taken.

The following is a partial listing of regularly offered courses that count toward the minor. In addition, courses listed in each semester's schedule under Women's Studies are considered approved courses for the minor, even though those courses may not appear on the list below.

Social Sciences (6 hours):

ANTH 3347: Anthropology of Women
POLS 3368: Race, Gender and Ethnic Politics
POLS 3390: Women in Politics
PSYC 3331: Psychology of Gender
SOC 3390: Sociology of Gender
SOC 3397: African American Women
SOC 3397: La Mexicana and U.S. Society
HLT 4306: Women’s Health Issues

Humanities (9 hours):

ARTH 4394: Women Artists
CLAS 3374: Women in the Ancient World
COMM 3372: Gender and Media
ENGL 3362: Women in Literature
ENGL 3396: Intro to Queer Theory
ENGL 4378: Women Writers
ENGL 4396: Feminist Theory and Criticism
HIST 3320: U.S. Women's History since 1840
HIST 3326: African American Women in Slavery and Freedom
HIST 3351: Work and Family Life in Modern Europe
HIST 3378: The Modern Middle East
HIST 3394: Chicana History
HIST 3395: State and Society in the Middle East
HIST 4395: Women in Latin America
HIST 4395: East Asian Women
PHIL 3356: Feminist Philosophy
SPAN 3350: Women in Hispanic Literature
WOST 2350: Introduction to Women's Studies

Note: On occasion, courses are added to this approved list between editions of this catalog. For the most up-to-date list of approved courses for this minor, contact the Women's, Gender and Sexual Studies Program.

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