Undergraduate Catalog F12-S13 with Spring 2013 Course Updates

Mexican American Studies Minor

The minor in Mexican American Studies conveys the broad, deep and rich experiences of Mexican Americans in the U.S. and prepares students to better understand the history, culture, folklore, literature, social issues, political behavior and other realities of the Mexican American population.

A minor in Mexican American Studies is important in that it improves the decision making in a number of fields such as public administration, law, politics, public education, artistic institutions, psychology, and a host of other professions. A minor in this field will become even more important as the population of Chicanos and Latinos increases throughout the state and nation.

A minor in Mexican American Studies requires a minimum of 18 semester hours: a minimum of nine from social science classes and a minimum of nine from liberal arts. Twelve of the 18 hours must be in residence. Twelve hours must be advanced, at least six of which must be in residence. A 2.00 minimum grade point average over all courses applied to the minor is required.


Social Sciences

Nine hours of Social Science courses from the following:
ANTH 3312 Mexican American Culture
ANTH 4372 Maya Archaeology
ANTH 4373 Archaeology of the Aztecs and Their Neighbors
POLS 3372 Chicano Politics
SOC 3324 Hispanic Identity
SOC 3326 Immigration in U.S. Society
SOC 3372 Mexican American Family
Special topics as appropriate from respective departments

Liberal Arts

Nine hours of humanities, fine arts, and communication courses from the following, to include no more than six hours in MAS courses, unless approved by the MAS advisor, and no more than three hours in Spanish language courses:
ARTH 3312 Pre-Columbian Art
ENGL 3361 Mexican American Literature
ENGL 3396 Hispanic American Literature
HIST 3332 Chicano History to 1910
HIST 3333 Chicano History Since 1910
HIST 3342 Texas Mexian History
HIST 3369 Colonial Mexico
HIST 4319 Chicanos and American Education
HIST 4369 Modern Mexico, 1810 - Present
HIST 4394 Chicana History
MAS 2340 Introduction to Mexican American Studies*
MAS 3340 Development of the Mexican American Urban Communities*
MAS 3341 Mexican American Experience Through Film*
MAS 3342 Mexican Immigration to the United States*
MAS 3395 Selected Topics in Mexican American Studies*
SPAN 2301 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2302 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 2307 Spanish for Native Speakers I
SPAN 2308 Spanish for Native Speakers II
SPAN 3301 Oral Communication in Spanish
SPAN 3302 Written Communication in Spanish
SPAN 3331 Mexican American Literature
SPAN 3345 Hispanic Folklore of the Southwest
SPAN 3350 Women in Hispanic Literature
Special topics as appropriate from respective departments

Note: On occasion, courses are added to this approved list between editions of this catalog. For the most up-to-date list of approved courses for this minor, contact the Center for Mexican American Studies.

Bilingual education majors may substitute CUIN 3310: Foundations of Bilingual Education, K-12, for three hours of Humanities and Fine Arts (liberal arts) courses in the minor.

*Note that individual courses with the "MAS" prefix can be used under the social science and liberal arts categories.

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