Undergraduate Catalog F12-S13 with Spring 2013 Course Updates

Film Studies Minor

Minor in Film Studies

Students seeking a minor in film studies must meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 18 semester hours of which at least 12 are advanced. Included in the requirement is COMM 1301 and a sequence of two courses, COMM 3370 and COMM 4370.

    Students also must complete nine semester hours of electives to be selected from the following courses:
    ART 1370, ARTH 1300, COMM 2370, 3321, 3379, 4328, 4375, 4376, 4392; ENGL 4373; FREN 3318 or 3319; GERM 3380, 3395; HIST 4314; ITAL 3305 or 3306; MAS 3341; PHIL 3361; THEA 2342; other appropriate selected topics or interdisciplinary courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences approved by the School of Communication.
  2. A minimum of nine semester hours in residence, of which at least six are advanced.
  3. A minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average for all courses attempted in the minor at the University of Houston with at least a C in each course.

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