Undergraduate Catalog F12-S13 with Spring 2013 Course Updates

Jewish Studies Minor

The Jewish Studies Program takes a broad interdisciplinary and multidimensional approach to the global study of Jewish cultures, exploring the rich diversity of their cultures, their philosophies, their religious practices, their histories, their roles in politics, and other areas of contemporary life.

This 18-hour interdisciplinary minor offers students the opportunity to study the key elements shaping the Jewish experience (religion, ethnicity, history, culture, nationality, art, and literature) essential to understanding today's complex and diverse society. Jewish Studies introduces students not only to the theory behind these concepts but also to how they shape everyday lives.

The minor in Jewish Studies consists of the following 18 hour requirement:

1. Six hours of required courses:
WCL 2380. Introduction to Jewish Studies
WCL 3380. American Jewish Culture
2. Twelve semester hours taken from:
CLAS 3375.Roman, Jew, and Christian: The Politics and Sociology of Religion in the First Century A.D.
ENGL 3366. Jewish-American Literature
GERM 3364. Writing Holocausts - The Literatures of Genocide
HIST 3358. Twentieth Century Germany
HIST 3397. Pictures and Words: Palestine-Israel Conflict through Film
HIST 3398. Modern Middle East
RELS 2330. Judaism
RELS 2335. Rabbinic Biblical Interpretation
WCL 3383. Eastern European Jewish Culture
WCL 3384. Jewish Women Through Biography
WCL 4367. Voices from Exile and Diaspora
WCL 4380. Expulsion and Aftermath: Spain, 1492 and After

At least 12 of the 18 hours must be taken in residence of which 9 must be advanced.

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